Proven Strategies For Winning Warzone

Proven Strategies For Winning Warzone

If you’re still struggling to win Warzone, we’re going to provide shocking but effective strategies to help you. Warzone has been around for some time now, and many people have mastered the art very well. But sometimes, it will shock you that a squad you thought you’ve dealt with could still shoot you down from the leaderboard.

This is why you need all the tricks and strategies up your sleeves to win your matches. So, let’s dive right in to uncover the secrets of winning Warzone.

Warzone Strategies that Works

Understand the available abilities in Warzone

Winning Warzone requires effective use of all the abilities available for players. So, if you want to win, take a little time to know how they work and how to utilize them on the battleground. Some of the abilities you have on Warzone include Ghost, Double Time, Scavenger, Tune-Up, and Tracker.

Ghost helps you to remain invisible to Radar Drones, Heartbeat Sensors, and UAVs. Double Time lets you revive your comrade and also take cover against long-distance shots. Scavenger is your aid for resupplying your ammo, while TuneUp fastens the process it takes to bring back a teammate into the game. Lastly, Tracker helps you to know your enemy’s movements so you can locate and kill them.

Fight with the best weapons.

Entering into a Warzone with the wrong weapons is suicidal. So if you want to win the fights, choose your weapons rightly. There are more than 30 weapons in Warzone, but you must choose the best killing machine.

The M16, Grau, and Mac-10 have always been the favorite of many players. Also, if you pair ARs with ACOG, it turns into a killing partner. But if you’re for the fastest TTK group, check the following:

  • AS Val for close-range fights
  • FFAR to support a sniper
  • CR-56 AMAX against tight battles
  • Fennec for faster close-range kills

With these weapons as your ammo, you’ll be a leader in Warzone.

Use Loadout Drops when necessary.

Customizing your equipment and guns will be useless if you don’t use them at the right time. This is why you must prepare to buy Loadout drops anytime the battle becomes stronger. Loadout drops provide your team with all the guns & equipment that you’ve chosen to win the battle. Each drop costs $10, 000 and that’s a whole lot on Warzone. So, try to make the cash for the airdrop as soon as possible.

You have five ways to make cash on the game, Supply Run, Bounties, Recon, Most Wanted, and Scavenger. Each of these activities gifts you with rewards to accumulate cash. So, try to complete them, get the cash you need and buy Loadouts to have your ammo handy for fights.

Save up the UAVs

It’s easier to win your enemies on Warzone if you can locate them. UAVs help you to discover where the enemies are hiding and the positions they’ve occupied. Let’s say you and two members of your team use three UAVs at once, every enemy on the map will be visible to you, and you’ll see where they’re focusing their attention.

But the good news is that you can even purchase the Advanced UAV at Warzone buy stations. These types offer better advantages than stacking three UAVs. With Advanced ones, you can better understand where your enemies are and how you can get them. Also, the UAV will show you if it’s possible to kill the enemy or not relative to your position.

So, to get this kind of upper hand, you can either stack your UAVs or buy the Advanced UAVs at the right time.

Wait to kill the last guy.

If you want to win your solo Warzone game, target the last enemy during the final circle. In solos, the last circle usually has three to seven players fighting to win the game. The best strategy for you is to hide and allow them to fight to the death. Don’t try to take out anyone when the battle is hot.

Any attempt to kill will attract their attention to your position, thereby making you a target. So, don’t fire your weapon; check the positions of others, and predict where the circle will be. Once you’ve known that, take a good cover and wait for others as they come towards you. Then prepare to kill the last guy and emerge the winner.


Winning your Warzone fights can be fulfilling. Imagine applying all these strategies and finally emerging as the last man standing. The feeling can be unexplainable. So, try these proven hacks we’ve shared in this article in your next game.

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