Top 11 Tips To Help You Win Call of Duty Warzone

Top 11 Tips To Help You Win Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty is undoubtedly one of the most famous Battle Royale games out in the run. The rule is quite the same as most other Battle Royale games. You jump out of a plane along with 150 others, and the goal is to survive until you’re the last one/squad standing.

Yet, this survival is easier said than done – considering all 147 other players will be targeting the same goal. So, below we have mentioned the top 11 tips to help you win Call of Duty Warzone. Other than that you can also visit to increase your chances of winning.

Top 11 Tips To Help You Win Call of Duty Warzone

1.Get To The Battle Field More Quickly

There are benefits of making it early to the battlefield. You will get better equipment and be saved from players who open-fire during parachute drops.

Refrain yourself from deploying the parachute all the time. It could slow down your down. Instead, you can deploy it before going back to the free-fall mode. It will reduce the time it takes you to get to the ground.

2.Pick The Best Landing Spot

One of the vital warzone winning tips is finding the perfect landing spot. Landing on the right spot can set you up for success. Choose a location according to your play style.

For instance, hospitals or superstores are the most crowded areas, while other sections like the map edges are usually less populated. Some spots are filled with many contracts.

Store these things in mind when choosing a location. It’ll help to base your starting location on the trajectory of the plane concerning the first circle.

3.Start Killing Before Landing

When the rule is to kill or be killed, why waste a single chance? In Call of Duty Warzone, every player you put out early on makes your win smoother.

So, the trick is you should kill your rivals even when you’re still in the air. To do so, you have to cut the parachute for a while during your descent. Now, use your gun to shoot your enemies before you deploy the parachute again.

4.Prioritize Getting A Loadout

Looting is fine. But it won’t get you everything you would require to make it to the end. Therefore, your priority should be getting the best loadout for the warzone. Aim for $10,000 in cash right away so that you can purchase a Loadout Drop from the safest/nearest Buy Station.

5.Don’t Stop Looting

Even after acquiring $10,000 for the loadout, you should never stop looting. Instead, continue looting to gather more cash and gear. Your aim should be collecting around $20K, including the money for the loadout, so that you can buy a Self-Revive, a gas mask, and other necessary gears. Getting stocked up will only help you win the Call of Duty Warzone.

6.Get A UAV

UAVs are among the most common winning tools that display part of the map and show you nearby enemies. Yet, there is one more trick that can boost up its performance. Try using the UAVs by all three teammates simultaneously, and it will demonstrate the orientations and positions of the other 147 players. But this is for a limited period and would cost you around $4000.

7.Share Your Loots

Surviving alone is difficult. So, don’t be mean and share the plunders with your teammate. If you get killed during the game, they can bring you back by purchasing the proper items from the Bus station. Sharing the loot will ensure that they have $4500 ready to make the purchase.

8.Rotate Around The Gas

Many players often favor running linearly, making their move from one ring to the next. In some situations, it is the only possible option. But if you can help it, our advice is to rotate around in a pinwheel motion instead. Thus you can use the gas as a shield to protect you from both back and side attacks.

9.Keep Completing Contracts

Honoring the Call of Duty Warzone contracts is an excellent way to stack up money. More importantly, these contracts get you kills, gear, and intel on other players’ positions or the next circle.

10.Use the Ping

Ping is an essential feature of the game that can help you mark your enemies or situate the plunders. Using this feature, you can inform your teammates about what’s around them and warn them of a nearby enemy.

11.Stick With Your Team

We want to remind you again that surviving alone is quite difficult in this game. Unless you are a pro player, you must stick to your teammates.

Most of the players make this mistake by running off to face enemies. It gets them killed and also hard to revive. Therefore, prefer sticking to your team and play the game with a plan.


Battle Royale games are no easy feat. Surviving this one, especially, is more challenging than you think. But with these top 11 warzone tips and a little practice with dedication, you will surely make it to the end. On an ending note, we would like to remind you that playing with strategy is the ultimate key to success.

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