All you Need to Know About the Escape Room Game for Your Kids

Escape room games are a type of real-life adventure game, just like the one you used to play when you would go out with your friends on a field trip. It is quite difficult to convince your child to play some adventurous and physical games, but the escape room games have changed this scenario quite a lot. 

This article is a brief guide about the escape room games, those who still get confused when somebody talks about the escape room activities, it is for them, so that the next time they think about taking your kids for a family outing, they may not get confused. 

What are the Escape Room Activities?  

This is a type of expedition. In this game, the participants are asked to find clues and solve the puzzles in the room; each room in an escape the room carries a special theme, the teams are supposed to find out the clues and complete the puzzle in the given time. You can click here to check out more about the famous escape room games. 

The game’s goal is to find out the answers to the puzzles, and the clues are supposed to help you throughout the game.

The Time-Limit

The time limit to play the escape room is only thirty minutes; every team is supposed to finish their game within 60 minutes; after that, they cannot explore anything more.

How Many Players 

It is the most frequently asked question. You can take as many people as you want, but it still depends upon the type of escape room game you are playing. You can check out more info here regarding escape room games.

Rules to Play Escape Room Games 

Like every other game, there are a few rules each participant should follow to play this fantastic game. Here are a few important and general rules you must know before playing the escape room game.

Do not Break Anything.

While you are playing the escape room game with your friends or family, make sure that you or anyone from your team does not break anything in the room. They are not your property, and you will be fined for any such thing.

You Cannot Take Anything Inside.

Some escape rooms are dark inside because of the themes. Whatever the inside is, you cannot take anything to help you find the clues. 

Do not Fight 

You can argue with your team member, but fighting is not allowed; if somebody tries to do such a thing, he will be immediately disqualified from the escape room game. 

Is the Escape Room Game Safe for Kids?

Yes, it is safe for kids; no one will harm your kids; the escape rooms have a lot of security cameras and microphones. Moreover, the organizers are always around the players; they will not only help your kid find the answers but will also keep an eye on them.

Tips for Winning this Game 

  • You should arrive early if you want to win this game. 
  • Be calm and try to reconnect.
  • Listen to the guidelines and your partners. 
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