5 Easy Steps to Get More Likes on SoundCloud

5 Easy Steps to Get More Likes on SoundCloud

If you’re using the SoundCloud platform, you might be wondering how to stand out from myriads of competitors and get more followers to listen to your music. You will require more likes and followers to push your music career and get the recognition that your music deserves.

To get more likes on SoundCloud from people who are already using SoundCloud and people using other social media channels, there are some 5 steps you can follow.

  1. Improve your presentation

Since you’re targeting people who love music, so you need to focus on creating quality music that is worth paying attention to. Don’t upload your new releases at once just after they finish. Take some time to produce unique and original music with professional and tight mixing. To accompany your artwork, zoom in or reposition your album to highlight the key elements.

After producing music, upload a high-quality and high-resolution profile picture. Try to use an original logo to give a proper representation of your conceptual project or brand. SoundCloud recommends uploading a square size profile picture with 1000×1000 pixels.

After the profile picture, your bio is what users look at next. Introduce yourself and your channel with a well-written and detailed bio. Keep your bio concise to make more of an impression. While uploading your content, add a detailed description to let listeners know the story behind your track.

  1. Use basic SoundCloud features

Before you move next to any paid promotional trick, use basic SoundCloud features. Interact with other artists that seem attractive to you and engage with their work. Possibly, they might engage back to you and like your tracks. Collaborate with other artists who have sound or tracks similar to yours. Add a link to the profile of your partner while publishing your collaborations to provide credit to both.

Use tags when releasing your content with several pertinent descriptive terms. When users click those tags, they will get your song in the result. Try to use popular tags like track title, artist’s name, musical genre, or name of the record labels. Enable downloading of your tracks by checking ‘Enable Downloads’ in the permissions tab.

To let listeners take action you want them to, request them by adding a closing line in your song description or bio. Include a clickable hyperlink to your specific track or SoundCloud profile to allow listeners to copy and paste it elsewhere. Pay gratitude to existing listeners and new subscribers for their support and interest.

All these are the basic features of SoundCloud. To get the benefits of more advanced features, upgrade to a Pro Unlimited version of your SoundCloud account. It provides you access to exclusive features including the ability to discover where your targeted users are located geographically, the Spotlight feature, and more.

  1. Create your presence on other platforms

Create an artist account on other social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, etc., and promote your SoundCloud profile and content there. Post links to your new songs or great projects you have got in the work. Request your audience to like and share your posts with their followers to grow your network and music reach. Also, link your social media accounts to your SoundCloud profile.

Find a relevant blog that is searching for new music and submit your content there. This helps in increasing your likes and followers and gaining more credibility as an artist. Include a short introduction of yourself with your submission. Along with social media sites, also be part of online forums and groups having existing, new, and upcoming artists as members.

  1. Advertise your profile for better promotion

Integrate advertising your SoundCloud profile with the marketing strategies you are currently using. Execute this step only when you can afford to pay some amount. Advertise your profile on reliable platforms online including Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising, and/or Google AdWords.

During Facebook advertising, put eye-catching facts to allow your audience to go over to your SoundCloud profile and listen to your content. While promoting through Google AdWords, you just have to pay whenever any user clicks on your advertising and they are delivered to the website URL. It is always recommended not to use this strategy unless you have a sufficient amount in your pocket.

  1. Purchase likes online

This step is recommended if you don’t get enough likes and engagement from the potential audience. You can buy SoundCloud likes from the best service provider ensuring real and quality likes with 100% guarantee, safety, and confidentiality. This will help you boost your SoundCloud account, create authentic engagement, and go viral on social media platforms. This will eventually provide you with more special opportunities to have a wide fan base.

It is the best strategy for those who want to gain a quality and significant boost in the number of SoundCloud likes without an extremely large budget. While purchasing likes from trustworthy sites, you will get 24-72 hours delivery of likes, secure payment options, and round-the-clock customer support.

Things to consider when buying likes on SoundCloud

To make purchasing SoundCloud likes a safe investment, buy them from trusted websites including Buy Quality Likes that provide affordable, top-quality, and real likes. The purchased likes are not bots so there is no risk of any type. It will not go against the rules or terms of service of SoundCloud. Fake likes can question the reality and authenticity of your content. Receiving fake likes is totally a waste of time and money.


Yes, it is true that having an increasing number of likes will make more people notice you. But, note that the amount of plays, likes, and subscribers alone can’t help you get your music where you want it to be. Alongside getting more likes and followers, you must focus on presenting the music or song that your target audience is searching for. You need to serve them with the best content regularly. Follow all the tips mentioned above while keeping into consideration the importance of organic traffic.