Unified communications as a service or UCaaS presents an assimilation of internet-based phone plus messaging into a comprehensive communications program. It is a communication platform that is highly progressive. You can now manage your customers and teams through the same portal.

Unified communication solutions operate on a cloud-based phone system with various business equipment like phone, chat, email, and video conferencing. It also provides information like user availability and allows mobility across staff and departments, and it coherently integrates external software.

The service portion provides enterprise-grade communication to businesses of all sizes. It is a more economical approach because they do not charge for the hardware or maintenance. Unified communications solutions comprise several details which will be explored in the coming excerpts.


The rationale behind deploying UCaaS is for the staff to work in tandem from anywhere. UCaaS essentially stands for:

1) Unified communication: It assimilates several communication modes such as phone, chat, video conferencing, etc. It is paramount is augmenting productivity and proffers means to communicate across multiple channels.

2) As a service: This is a delivery model for cloud service and software. It excels at communication tools and APIs.

Apart from the most obvious reason why companies deploy UCaaS, being a multi-channel platform gives it a leg up. It is easier to correspond with a multitude of people in the same place. Using separate communication applications can be daunting and put a strain on work quality.

UCaaS has proved its brilliance time and again for it to stay relevant. Communicating with every staff member on the phone was laborious. It is also exhausting to check on their work progress through calls. Using this platform has rectified those errors and made communication seamless. Because it operates in the cloud, natural disasters cannot affect it.


Let’s delve a little deeper into the offerings made by UCaaS:

1) Voice

Voice calls are not restricted to mere phone calls anymore. You can forward, advance, and record them as well.

2) Video

With the pandemic upon us, most companies have retreated to video calls to maintain communication among their team. Video conferencing offers a personal touch that is missing in audio calls. It allows numerous guests to chime in and is ideal for meetings.

3) Messaging

It is also a great messaging platform because you have several options. They offer instant messaging, group messaging, and real-time chats.

4) Collaboration

You can augment workplace collaboration with scheduling, messaging and project management.

5) Cloud-based

The servers are hosted on the internet and hence in a private data cloud or service center. They stay unaffected by external factors.


UCaaS is an efficient way to streamline different communication modes. It works through the internet and does not require additional hardware. It provides backend security configuration and telephony functions. Voice over internet protocol is a significant aspect of UCaaS.

It converts the sound into data and saves it on the cloud. Recruiting individual UC can burn a hole in one’s pocket. This is more economical and scalable. Its data centers can endure rough weather, outages, and surges. The infrastructure is rock solid. It also facilitated remote jobs and simplified lives.


More people are converting to UCaaS because of its subsidized pricing and work flexibility.

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