What tech do you need to be an effective online mentor?

What tech do you need to be an effective online mentor?

Mentors in general are valuable in all industries. They help to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world experience. By passing on their practical wisdom and knowledge, mentors help to prepare the next generation to enter the workforce. Without them in place, it would be tough for newly qualified workers to be truly effective in their roles while still inexperienced.

A good example of this is preceptors in nursing. These are qualified medical professionals who mentor trainee nurses in a clinical setting. Preceptors are important to nursing students as a result. In light of this, it is necessary to look carefully at the preceptor program any institution has before enrolling with them. Wilkes University is one well-known provider of quality nursing training that runs a high-class preceptor program. Along with the reasonable Wilkes University cost, this is a reason why so many people choose the institution for nursing training.

But what does online mentoring mean for mentoring? It has actually grown to play a similarly vital role and utilizes the latest technology to help mentors connect more flexibly with people who need their guidance. Working online also enables mentors to provide support to people even if they cannot see them in person and they use handy tech to deliver information or record feedback.

But what tech would you need to be an effective online mentor?

PC, laptop and internet

An internet connection is an absolute must for any effective online mentor. The internet connection you have must be reliable and fast so that you do not have to worry about slow speeds or downtime being an issue.

A PC or laptop is also essential. When connected to the internet, these devices enable you to communicate with those you are mentoring via email, send forms out to them, and also hold online meetings via video conferencing software. They also enable you to record key data on those you are mentoring in packages like MS Excel and to type up reports for supervisors in a word processing package.

Tech for when you are on the move

There are many reasons why learning tech is vital to our future and the ability to communicate when on the move is one. Effective online mentors should therefore also invest in a tablet or smartphone. This enables you to be reached when away from your main computer and on the go. It also means you can take urgent calls or offer advice when it is most needed. Instant messenger applications such as Slack can also be useful for fast communication and effective tracking of those you mentor.

Online mentors need technology

Although the above is not an exhaustive list, it does sum up the most essential pieces of tech any successful online mentor will need. In essence, it is all about clear communication and being able to stay in touch with those you mentor easily. If you find the technology needed to do this, you will be well on the way to nailing the task.

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