Why is content production important on a website?

Why is content production important on a website?

In Every Business, You Do If You Don’t Produce High Quality and Useful Content on Your Website, You Have Lost a Larger Part of Your Business!

Now even search for “Chicken milk” There are at least five websites claiming to sell the best chicken milk! But the question is what makes these websites stand out? If I want to summarize the answer in one word, I say “content”! Yes, that’s right. Content is the most important thing that makes your website more prominent, which is why in today’s article we want to talk about why generating content on a website is important.

What is the content at all?

We have emphasized many times that everything depends on the content of your website. But we haven’t yet figured out what the content itself is! Many people think that if you write a few lines on your blog you have produced content but it is not. That is to say, content is not just text and words, but whatever you use to deliver a purpose can be content: now you may just use text or put a photo in the middle of your story. Or just use one video at a time and you can even do it with a simple voice message. So now you realize that content is not just text and words.

content production important

Content or non-content, is that the issue?

Well up until now you have realized what the content is about. So now it’s time to separate the content from the content! Here’s a brief description of the important features of good content so you can easily improve the quality of your content. But before you start reading this description, let me give you a very general overview that is content that can grab the attention of Google and users and increase your rank and click rate. If something is written and it doesn’t happen, it’s probably not possible!

What are high-quality content?

To make sure that what you have prepared is appealing to both the user and Google, I would suggest that you consider the following.

Is your content length right?

Determining the ideal length and number of words for the content has really become a challenge. Why? On the one hand, Google prioritizes long texts that cover all aspects of a case, but on the other hand users almost always like short and concise content. Also, since more than 2% of Internet users are using mobile, this issue will not be resolved any time soon.

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To make it easier for you to make the decision, always keep in mind your goal and the reader’s intent to read your content: be a word. If you want your content to be easily consumed by mobile users, try removing all the extra content (such as inappropriate photos or long paragraphs).

Have you used photos, videos or infographics in your content?

There is no doubt that you can write content that has not been used in any photo or movie, and that content is still a quality piece of work, but the visual content is certainly going to attract the attention of the user, share on social networks and the amount of time the user spends on your content. There are many. Research conducted by more than 2 users shows that approximately 5% of users are likely to have a better reaction to the content if they are exposed to a photo or video.

Now you can ask yourself the following questions to make sure your visual content is as quality and engaging as your verbal content:

  • Is my image or video directly related to and supporting my content?
  • Are my images technically standard (lighting, color…)?
  • Are my pictures and videos attractive?
  • Is the information I give in infographics or images good enough to be shared?
  • Will the user learn something new by reading your content?

This is, in my opinion, the most important thing in producing content. Why? Because no matter how well-organized and engaging your content is, and the more time you spend on it but the content isn’t useful, you are wasting your time. If you want to keep this good in your content, always keep in mind that you should not be too general or too brief on the subject. That is to say, a balance between the depth and length of your content.

At first glance, it may seem a bit unlikely, but rest assured that generating content on the website will have a huge impact on your business. Now this effect may be direct or indirect. In this section of the article, I have outlined some of the most important reasons for the importance of producing content on a website:

Good Content Increases Your Website Traffic!

Every time I talk about the content and the rankings of the website and the traffic, I remember fishing. Every content you produce is a hook and the more hooks you have, the better your chances of catching fish! Do you understand what I mean? Similarly, if you publish more content to your website, more pages from your website will be registered on Google. What does this mean now? This means you will be more frequently seen in user searches and your website traffic will increase.

Good Content Increases Your Website Traffic!

Related brand content makes your brand more humane!

Almost every website has an “About Us” page that gives information about the activity of that website and the people behind it, but if the purpose of this page is to showcase your brand’s human and personal image, nothing can be as good as the content. Give. If you choose and write your content carefully, you can easily incorporate topics and issues that are important to you, as well as your employees’ interest and enthusiasm. In fact, your content is the sound of your brand.

Bold content highlights your presence in the media!

Talk to any person or group that is involved in the content work You will most likely find it difficult to engage with social media with engaging and good content. On the other hand, social media is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website and it can’t be easily forgotten! So what is the solution? The solution is good content work! If the content of your articles is quality and useful and you can make it more appealing with photos and videos, you can easily repost it on social media and double-tag it!

When you are blogging and producing content in your own business, you have a really broad platform to provide useful and specialized information to your users. If you do it right, your users will recognize you as an expert in the field. Now you may be wondering how exactly this is going to happen! I’ll explain to you now.

You have a website and you provide services or products on this website. But you know that people don’t buy once, but they do a lot of searching on the internet to finally find a website they can trust. Now if your content is high volume and quality content you can attract and keep users on your site, this user will trust you and if you are going to buy you will be one of them.

Updated content increases your conversion rate!

Are you familiar with conversion rates? If you are unfamiliar I will explain very quickly. Suppose you have a website for selling several types of products and you also publish various articles on your services and products. Are all the people who come to your website the same? For example, a user enters your website and exits your pages after a while. Others will come to your website and make no purchase from you, but your engaging content will give you their email address to read more!

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Of course, there is a third category that will come to your website and even buy from you! If we separate these three categories of users we can say that the first category is ordinary users, the second is clues and the third is customers! So what does this have to do with conversion rates now? Let me explain. When a regular user enters your website, if you can get his / her opinion and get his / her information then you have actually turned it from a regular user into a clue!

Now you can turn a clue into a customer! In the digital world, we measure this type of conversion at a “conversion rate”. And now I’m back to my basic point: If you publish up-to-date content on your website, your conversion rate can increase several times as regular content updates give people the message that your business is alive and well. Even experts in the field suggest that if you can’t update your blog on a regular basis, you better not have a blog at all!

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