Why does your website speed matter?

Why does your website speed matter?

If you own a website or plan to set up an internet branch for your business soon, you should be aware of an important principle. You need to follow some essential rules to make your site successful. Laws that the rulers have put on the web for a search engine. The closer your website is to search engine standards and principles, the more successful your business will be. One of the laws that you must adhere to and dedicate time and money to improving it is the speed of your site.

What is the site speed?

The site speed means how long it takes for a site to load completely. The rate of the site depends on several factors. For example, these are factors and the type of site design and even site optimization.

What is the site speed

Why is site speed critical?

The time it takes to load your site is essential. Users are always looking for useful information in a short period. There is no doubt that search engines place a strong emphasis on the interests of users. Accordingly, the search engine knows that the user needs to get the information at the right speed and that the sites are looking to speed up. This introduction makes it clear that site speed is essential for both the user and the search engines. Users are reluctant to be on a low-speed site, and eventually, places that are over-speeded will be penalized by Google.

Importance of site speed for GOOGLE

It’s been four years since Google used site speed as a benchmark to rank sites. From that year onwards, Google focused on reviewing and delivering the best user experience. In Google’s view, a higher speed site is standard. This search engine has a great understanding of user and site interactions.

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Google knows how long a user has been on your site and what part of your site has been captured. However, even if the user has been on your website for a long time, it will not be as valuable as the top speed of the website. Also, if the user experience is beneficial, its effectiveness will not be as high as the speed of site loading.

Importance of site speed for (GOOGLE)

Google seems to have some special privileges in its ranking for high-speed sites. If your website does not have the ideal speed, it is unlikely to be penalized. But the fact that Google’s low rates can cause fines and ultimately penalize your website cannot be ignored.

​​The importance of site speed for users

The proper loading speed of your website is closely related to the user experience. The higher this speed, the better the user experience will be. No one is concealed that makes the user-friendly experience of the sites easy to imagine.

A fast site creates a good user interface experience in different ways: –

  • Suppose you offer a product on your website.
  • Proper upload speeds to your site pages allow users to find out what product you are selling quickly.
  • Users will also be able to fill out your sales forms more easily.
  • Suppose you have used your product advertising in your content.
  • When your site speed is high, the user will move from page to page better and more comfortable.
  • This will increase the number of visits to your site per person.
  • So don’t forget that the site speeds up when your site is high.

The Relationship between site speed and site efficiency increases

For store sites, site speed is more important than other places. To achieve the right rate requires concentration and high cost. Walmart found at a time that they were far better than other commercial sites like Amazon and eBay. However, the site’s owners have decided to speed up their website. They came up with impressive results: They found that their sales rate increased by 5% for every 5 seconds of site speed improvement.

This time they improved the site speed by six milliseconds and found that their sales were 5% higher.
You are judging by yourself! Increasing your site speed will increase your sales. Even with Walmart’s results, even a few milliseconds can improve the speed of the site. On the other hand, some factors work together to threaten your site’s speed severely.

How to check your site speed?

How to check your site speed?

  1. If you want to measure the speed of your site and examine the factors that affect it, you should use site speed analysis tools. There are many tools for speeding up site pages. One of the most essential and practical tools in this field is GTmetrix.
  2. One of the best tools available to measure site page load or site speed. Interestingly, this tool has a lot of fans in Iran. Many web developers and Iranian site owners use this useful tool. The site (GTmetrix) tells us: “Our reports give you a complete picture of how your website is loaded.
  3. We will show you if there is a problem loading your site and will provide solutions to resolve these issues. We will also look at your site’s strengths and strengths and show them to you. “
  4. This tool displays part of your review results in terms of total page load and volume and number of page requests you have. It’s easy to work with, and with a simple user interface, it quickly shows your site loading problems.
  5. I have included a new site builder for review on (GTmetrix); you will notice that the site builder has a decent standard speed.

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The professional and standard modern site builder

Modern Site Maker is proud to provide all its customers with a professional site. With the help of a current site builder, you will be able to own a quality site. The site’s speed on the portal is up to Google standards. Given the evidence and facts presented in this article, you must be aware of the importance of site speed. The new site builder has tools that will help you to quickly check your site speed and implement all the components of an excellent site. If you would like to have, a professional high-speed site stay in touch with us.

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