Glimpse of Tinder Revenue and Statistics

Glimpse of Tinder Revenue and Statistics

Tinder revenue has wholly transformed online dating. Previously, people used to visit different places to find and connect with their date. Later in 1995, released its first-ever dating site online. Online dating has evolved a lot in the last two decades and has removed all the cultural barriers that were present in its way.

Tinder was first released as a beta in 2012. Within a few years, Tinder has gained a lot of success, and it has become one of the best online dating apps. In this blog, we will provide a closer look at the usage statistics and revenue of the leading dating app available in the industry.

Tinder Statistics

  • As per the Tinder’s official press resources, Tinder carries out more than 2 billion swipes per day, and responsible for 1 million dates per week. Significantly, more than 30 billion matches are being registered on the platform.
  • Moreover, one of the research done by WeAreFlint states that 1:5 US men and 1:10 US women with age 18+ use Tinder.
  • The research also revealed that about one-third of the respondents belong to the age group of 18-34. While one-fourth of respondents belong to the age of 25-34, and one-fifth of the respondents belong to the age of 35-44.
  • Talking about the income, around 20% of users belonged to the top three income segments: $100k, 80k, and $70k.
  • Lastly, Tinder is widespread more across the city, with over 16% of people living in urban stating that they use the app as compared to only 9% of people in rural areas.
  • Tinder is somewhat less well-known in the United Kingdom, about the same number of women, but merely 13% of men affirm that they use the app.
  • Moreover, 11-15% of UK users who belong to the top four income segments, £21K+, £28k+, £34k+, and £48k use Tinder.

Glimpse of Tinder Revenue and Statistics

Apart from this, WeAreFlint’s Tinder statistics also revealed a lot of other things like how frequent users open the Tinder app, about the same number of users using it a few times a day, how many times a day & a week, etc. in the two leading countries, the US and UK. It also indicated that there are several Tinder users in the US as compared to the UK.

Further, it also stated that around 56% of users in the US use Tinder multiple times a week. However, about 50% of users in the UK use the Tinder app.

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In the United Kingdom, people who access Tinder frequently every few weeks are probably to open the app once a day. However, in the US, once in a few days is the most selected option by the respondents. A study done on different respondents generated distinct outputs. As per this result, 55% of Tinder users access the app daily.

How long people access Tinder?

Studies related to how long users keep dating app on their smartphones indicated that around one-third of female Tinder users remain the app for one day. On the other hand, approximately 41% of men like and keep the Tinder app on their smartphones.

All the men and women who determine that they don’t want to access the Tinder will relate this in advance that the people leaving the app instantly are more in the initial stages. On the contrary, if the app stays remain on the app on the first day, then there are 50% chances that it will remain there. If the app remains in the user’s app for a week, then it will probably stay on the phone for a long time.

Tinder Revenue

Tinder is a part of the Match Group, which possesses a monopoly over various online dating sites and apps. It consists of multiple properties along with leading players like Tinder, PlentyofFish, OkCupid, and

Tinder Revenue

Tinder is the leading profitable brand for the company. Tinder counted 47% of overall Match Group’s 1.7 billion revenue in 2018. In the last quarter of 2018, Match Group has added 8.2 million new paid subscriptions, out of which around 4.35 million subscribers came from the Tinder alone. As per the available data, Tinder amounts of more than 50% of total paid subscribers to Match Group products.

Research done by Sensor Tower from February 2018-19 indicates that Tinder collected $367 million from the US only. If we expand our view of the horizon, then we will see that Match Group’s revenue increase concerning the Tinder’s growth from 2012. Later in 2015, Tinder started monetising its platform by launching Tinder Plus. In this service, you will receive some exciting features of Tinder, such as unlimited likes, super like, boost, rewind your last swipe, Tinder passport, and no ads.

If we analyse the Tinder revenue from one quarter to another, then it is revenue started to increase from 2017 end, when the firm released Tinder Gold. For those who don’t know, Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus are the premium subscription plans offered by the company, and they play an essential role in the Tinder Business model. If we talk about the highest number of subscribers in a country, then North America (US & Canada) still tops the list. However, global subscribers are increasing too-fast and will cross North-American subscribers in the next few years.

Talking about the Tinder Revenue, North America tops the list due to the most substantial number of paid subscribers. As mentioned earlier, Tinder is owned by Match Group. However, Match Group is further property of Interactive Corp or IAC. IAC holds some of the leading digital and media companies.  Lastly, Match Group is the highest revenue earning firm in recent years.


Tinder is growing at a tremendous rate from its release, and it is not going to end soon. With millions of users and tons of revenue and steadily increasing dating use base, Tinder is still a chance to expand its business. Moreover, Tinder is showing the fastest growth as compared to various other dating apps and websites owned by the Match Group.

Lastly, what will be the future of Tinder?

Tinder was initially released as a hookup app, but after which, it is used by men and women of different ages for different purposes. In short, Tinder has completely revolutionised the dating culture, and it will have a significant impact on people across the globe

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