Sharekhan Review 2020

Sharekhan Review 2020

Sharekhan is India’s largest full-service discount brokerage with 19 + lakhs onboard and 2800 offices and franchisees in 575 locations. across India. Sharekhan ranked 3rd in terms of active clients after ICICI and HDFC Securities. An entrepreneur based in Mumbai, Shripal Morakhia, created Sharekhan in the year 2000. They managed to scale the heights very quickly while they were late in the sector. Sharekhan is everyone’s favourite because of their grandeur.            

Sharekhan Overview

Sharekhan became a subsidiary of BNP Paribas in 2016 which is a leading bank with an international presence in Europe. Sharekhan is on the NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX lists. Customers will not only benefit from numerous online trading options such as shares, derivatives, currency and commodities but also opt for financial services such as PMS, MF, IPOs and bonds investment;

Advisory facilities, study studies, online schooling, NRIs and much more. Sharekhan offers numerous high-tech trading platforms as a full-service stock broker, and also provides analysis tips and suggestions to its clients.It has an in-house team of specialist analysts who provide tips and reports according to consumer requirements at both the fundamental and technological level.

This allows traders of all basic, intermediate , and advanced levels to study the market and understand the concepts related to trade. Sharekhan provides the Traders, Investors, and Mutual Fund Investors with separate research reports. The quality of fundamental research is, according to the users, better than the technical research reports that have been provided. In addition to all the above-mentioned listings, Sharekhan provides premium level services to those customers who have their portfolio tracked individually through their relationship managers. Sharekhan has many Portfolio Management Schemes (PMS) to sell.

  • PMS ProPrime targets long-term investors seeking stable returns
  • PMS ProTech is optimised to utter returns

In order to start trading with Sharekhan customers need to open a trading account and Demat account of which Sharekhan is the NSDL and CDSL depositary member. Share khan also provides excellent, extremely detailed, Mutual Fund services. It provides modern portfolio resources for mutual funds only, such as Compare Funds, Investment Calculator, Target Calculator, ETC… Output Calculator.

Sharekhan Review 2020:

Sharekhan not only makes trading in all categories, but also provides the finest offerings such as investment options, market share analysis, analyst updates, stock quotes, simple and statistical data in shares, mutual funds, IPOs, and more. The business wins a strong place in Indian Stock Broker Industry with these qualities.


  • Leading science grant.
  • Full variety of goods to sell, save, and save.
  • State-of-the-art channels such as TradeTiger, ShareKhan App, ShareKhan Mini.
  • In partnership with the Online Trading Academy (OTA), dedicated education and training courses for investors and traders.
  • Free call-up and platform for trading.
  • Most strong and efficient trading terminal-‘Trade Tiger.
  • It’s free to pass share from and to the DP account.
  • Broad network.
  • Supports retail exchange.
  • Loan against Securities (LAS) and facility for the Margin Financing are open.


  • Not providing 3-in-1 account.
  • Minimum brokerage fees which make trading in penny stocks difficult.
  • Strong trading but it’s not ideal for day traders.
  • Classic account does not allow product dealing.

Sharekhan Login:

Sharekhan was a promising broking stock house, representing a large client base. Sharekhan Login is to include the authentication mechanism needed for the readers to access all the channels that Sharekhan old login is currently using. This article is intended to assist you with several things that are related to logging in in some way or the other. Like Sharekhan App Login Process, Websites login, Backoffice login, Consumer login etc. We have provided the details you need to log in to any of the channels listed.

Sharekhan App Login Process:

Let’s start with the Sharekhan App Login first you need to obtain an online trading account, i.e. a company’s Demat account. As far as the functionality of the app is concerned, the company has tried to keep up with the current technology demand, lining up all the services it provides embedded in the app. Its top 10 features include internet trading, order book, monitoring portfolio stocks, automatic fund transfer, live streaming, video updates, daily price details and price analysis , financial news, tick charts, account manager.

The Sharekhan Login method is:-

  • When you open an account with Sharekhan, you can get customer Id and password.
  • To download the Sharekhan app use the connexion given in the table below.
  • Run the app, and then insert some information, which you need to fill out as instructed.
  • Now you need to create a password that you need to use to log in at any time.

Sharekhan Website Login:

All you need is a bookmark here, and you’re ready to go. The Sharekhan Trade Tiger Login & Sharekhan Website Access is very simple and it is smooth, of course, a criterion stands to be a decent internet service provider operating rates. You would have a wonderful experience if you have access to this. Let’s go right towards the stairs.

  • The prime prerequisite is a Demat account.
  • This will allow you to acquire a login I d and password which you will use to start planning and investment
  • Click the https:/ page to access the Sharekhan Web Resources & this page to trade tiger access https:/ items

ShareKhan Mini:

Sharekhan Mini is designed to engage regular traders in cell phone trading. It runs on Linux, IOS, Blackberry, and Windows mobiles with limited internet connectivity as well as on standard 2G tablets. The important features are:

  • Trading on NSE, BSE, MCX, by shares, derivatives, currency and product.
  • Mutual Funds Save, IPOS.
  • Watch-list for multi-exchange video streaming.
  • Calling for analysis and new industry developments.
  • Links to basic metrics and maps.
  • Secured release of the money.

Sharekhan Account Opening Charges:

  • Opening charges for Trading account: Free
  • ‘AMC Trading Account: Open
  • Demat Opening Account Fees: Free
  • Demat AMC Account: Rs 400 PA (Waived 1st year)


 In the Post-Paid investment scheme, you would invest any amount of the margin money in advance into a trading account. Brokerage is dropping as the money on the margin is high. The Post-Paid plan’s value is that funds you invest into your trading account are refundable in nature.


You have to pay a certain amount of brokerage in advance under the Pre-Paid Brokerage scheme. The less brokerage percentage added to your selling account, the higher you pay upfront.

This arrangement is separate from the post-paid scheme, which ensures no matter what amount you pay since the initial investment is essentially non-refundable.


Share khan is a major name with over 17 lakh client base in the share brokerage industry, strong online trading platforms, research-based investment advice, dedicated customer support. ShareKhan is ideally suited to industry newbies who can get support from its community branches but only at the expense of paying high brokerage. The dilemma facing Sharekhan and all other full-service brokers is imminent with the advent of new discount brokers on the market and has to fight toughly stay in company.

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