What Are Your Options in Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum?

What Are Your Options in Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum?

Many parents decide to homeschool their children through Kindergarten. And why not, since it allows the child to learn at their own pace and the parents to have complete control over their child’s learning. What’s more, it’s a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child and have the much-needed quality time together.

However, a significant challenge when it comes to homeschooling is choosing the right Kindergarten homeschool curriculum that not only builds a solid foundation for the future but also includes easy-to-follow modules that make learning fun and easy. With the variety of curricula available in the market today, choices can be overwhelming. Here are some of the best options available today:

Focus on Language, Science, and Math

Focusing on language, arts, science, and math, Time4Learning’s kindergarten curriculum features tons of engaging lessons and activities that not just makes learning fun and easy but also allows children to learn at their own pace.

The subjects include language, science, and math. It involves introducing letters and their pronunciation, reading writing, basic science concepts, and introduction to numbers, including basic addition and subtraction. It focuses on teaching through activities and projects which make learning fun.

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Foster Christian-Based Learning

Based on Christian principles, Abeka is for you. It will instill Christian values in your child. This curriculum aims at the intellectual, moral, and spiritual development of the child.

There are a variety of kits that parents can choose from based on subjects and grade levels. The kits include lesson plans, routine, and daily and weekly schedule to help plan your homeschool routine. It also provides a lesson checklist for parents to know that they haven’t missed anything. The contents include:-

Phonics – This includes vowels, consonants, blends, letters, etc. This sets the foundation for reading.

Reading – Once the child has mastered phonics, they move on to reading. It starts with reading out words then small sentenced and, ultimately, paragraphs. It includes reading aloud to others and listening to others when they read out to them.

Writing – Abeka introduces kids to writing at an early stage to get used to forming good handwriting and writing with neatness from the early years.

Numbers – Math, here is similar to other curricula consisting of an introduction to counting, numbers, and addition and subtraction.

Abeka has its books that contain art pages, mazes, and coloring pages. Overall, it aims at developing visual perception, thinking, listening skills, and hand-eye coordination.

Interactive and Unique Learning

Another Christian curriculum that is literature-based is Sonlight. What’s unique is that it focuses on teaching through stories rather than the rote learning method. This Kindergarten homeschool curriculum focuses on subjects like History (Stories from the Bible and life lessons), Science, Maths, Life skills, amongst others like reading, spelling, writing, etc.

It also introduces students to skip counting, geometric shapes, time telling, and other life lessons. Sonlight has lessons for students as young as three years old!

There are online-based homeschool options where you can get easy access to resources based on different learning grades. It is suggested you go through all the curricula available and choose the best one for your child that sets the foundation for a secure future.

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