Download CamScanner for Windows PC and Mac

Download CamScanner for Windows PC and Mac

The scanner is essentially an essential tool for electronic document scanning since it enables images of documents to be included in different formats. In addition to making a software scanner a great alternative, scanning machines are generally expensive but not portable. Download CamScanner for Windows PC is amongst the smartphone’s most common alternative scanning apps.


Thousands of CamScanners have been used to scan documents and keep that information. The app provides excellent features such as scanning with high resolution, image recognition and sound editing. These features have made CamScanner into a trustworthy app, but it’s not PC compatible.

Download CamScanner for Windows PC and Mac

When using an Android emulator, this restriction is a way through. BlueStacks is an Android emulator designed to support you running Android apps on your Mac. The simulator is relatively simple and is well mounted on both new and older PCs. CamScanner for Mac runs well on BlueStacks, which enables all Windows and Mac computers to use CamScanner.

Adding CamScanner to your PC gives you some benefits, such as simple operation and screen navigation. Exporting JPEG images to PDF files and transferring batch images to a single PDF file may be possible. There is also a shared option that allows the sharing of documents on social media, email and other storage sites.

This is a step-by-step manual for installing here scanner software on your computer.

How to download and install the CamScanner app on pc?

  • First, you need to transfer the file to your PC below. So click on the button below to save your file to your computer.


  • Now unpack the zip file to the next move in one tab. Inside this tab, you can see a total of two files.
  • First, press and install Bluestacks installer on your Mac. Based on your Internet speed, it will take some time.
  • Once installed, open it and click on the dashboard with the play store icon.

How to Install CamScanner for Windows PC Using BlueStacks

  • First, load BlueStacks into your system. All you need to do is search the Google App store for and install BlueStacks. The software can be downloaded free of charge, but it is packed with Advertisements.

Download CamScanner for Windows PC and Mac

  • Second, set up installation BlueStacks by observing measures on the phone. The app must query a Google account, enter your email address, and fix it before you can download and install it from the Play Store because this information is required.

Download CamScanner for Windows PC and Mac

  • Click the Programs tab and search the home screen. Only search on the tag and click on the Play Store button. This would open the application for the Google Play Store, find the search bar and enter the CamScanner for windows pc.
  • For similar scanning applications, the drop-down list opens by clicking on the first option and downloading the program. Setup on the BlueStacks simulator should take a bit of time.

Download CamScanner for Windows PC and Mac

  • Click the Cam Scanner icon on the Apps tab after installation to start scanning.

Note, The program CamScanner links to your PC’s webcam, which is used to scan papers. Using an external webcam may be ideal for the faster recording of images. It’s also better to get a new webcam to get a better quality image of the documents.

Some of the features of the CamScanner app

  • With a camscanner, you’ll search multiple-page papers and save them as a PDF file.
  • The above app uses AI and immediately rewrites the images to make them look like both of the original scanners.
  • That would give your documents 200 MB of storage space from both cloud computers. You must register here to use this function.
  • They could secure your passwords file, keeping it private and safe.
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