How To Stay More Productive In 2020


In the modern world with the nonstop growing amount of information, the pace of life, and, unfortunately, a fixed amount of time in a day, we often have to choose what exactly should be done today and what can wait till tomorrow.

In general, if we want to be on time with everything, we have to be more careful about planning things and time. There are a lot of ways to increase productivity. Try to use at least a few which are mentioned below and you will see how your life changes.

  1. Healthy sleep is a key factor in high productivity. Sometimes we all have to work at night, and as a result, in the morning after an emergency, all we want is to sleep. That is why if you want to be fresh during the day, you should learn how to start and finish work on time. Also if you limit the usage of computers and mobile devices a few hours before sleep, you will see that your sleep becomes better and you become productive in the morning.
  1. Take a break during the working process. It is impossible to be concentrated all the time during a few hours in a row. Get up, stretch, walk around, have a cup of coffee. Sometimes even five minutes will be enough to rouse yourself and return to work with the fresh eye.
  1. It is much easier to be productive with modern technologies. There are so many apps that you can install on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. All of them have different functions, which can help you in all possible situations. If you deal a lot with email correspondence, you should get an email organizer like Clean Email. It helps to automatically filter incoming messages, unsubscribe from newsletters, block unwanted senders, sort messages into relevant groups, and other useful features. If you have problems with making plans for the day, you can get an organizer with the function of creating to-do lists. If you have a lot of documents and need to have access to them anytime, you may get cloud services for storing documents, etc.
  1. Set up deadlines for yourself and try to do your best to comply with them. It will let you control the work process more effectively. Think about the things you want to finish by the end of the day, week, month, and so on. And now write them down. The written goal is already a plan. You can mark deadlines on the calendar or special app on your device, and try to meet these deadlines.
  1. Stop feeling uncomfortable when you have to say “no”. If, for example, you realize that you will not have time to fulfill someone’s request by five o’clock, do not promise, but honestly say that you cannot.
  1. If your workplace is tidy, you don’t have to waste time looking for the things you need. but if your desk is in total chaos, it will be very difficult to focus on the priorities.
  1. Try to save time on everything you can do faster to get more tasks done. Perfectionism is an enemy of productivity. When you feel that the task is done and you can move on, just move to the next task without any doubt. This way you will save a lot of time that can be spent on yourself, such as e-learning, getting new skills, or even learning a new language fluently
  1. Many people notice a serious burst of energy after some minutes of meditation. Meditation is not just a break from work or another routine, but a breathing practice that increases concentration lowers blood pressure and increases mindfulness.

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Alison Lurie