Working from home effectively

Working from home effectively Five Tips for Effectively Working from Home

Five Tips for Effectively Working from Home

Have you begun working from home and are wondering how to go about it? Working from home can be a little stressful at first, especially if you have been working at a shared workspace. It, however, gets easier as you get used to the settings. Here are some tips to help you effectively work from home.

1. Set a Schedule

For an easier transition, you should establish a working schedule. A schedule eliminates the chances of slacking off, especially since there is no supervision. You can begin by maintaining regular hours like at the workspace office and stick to it. Be up early and get to your home office in good time. Additionally, track the improvements you make for each day and retire to bed earlier. Try to use time-tracking apps for the first few days to know how productive you are, establish your most productive hours and maximise on those.

2. Dedicate Your Workspace

With children and the rest of the family around, it can get difficult working from home. To curb this, you should dedicate a workspace, revamp it and personalise it as you desire. Find a well-lit spot away from other people and distractions and make it comfortable. Acquire an ergonomic desk and chair for maximum comfort. You get more productive with an established home office, especially if you ensure you have all the office supplies you require to work productively. It helps you set boundaries and focus more on your work.

3. Practice Effective Time Management

You must learn how to manage your time while working from home. Working from home gives you a lot of time as there is no commuting to and from the office. To avoid confusion, you need to work with an alarm to help you break from the long working hours, get into breaks, and resume work. If you work for eight hours a day, you can calculate your hours and allocate time for short breaks and long breaks (lunch). How you manage your time determines how productive you will be in the end.

4. Be Accountable

Sticking to your goals can be a little overwhelming while working from home. Make it a habit to write down and check what you have accomplished at the end of the day. Leave out what you have not accomplished and carry the tasks forward into the next day. You can include them in the next day’s checklist and begin with them. By so doing, you breed accountability.

5. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Understand that working from home can be difficult at first. Take things slow and be kind to yourself. Remember that this is an unusual situation, and you might not be as productive as you usually are at the office. Schedule a weekly personal assessment and track your progress. After the assessment, you can set realistic and achievable goals for the following week.


Working from home can be nut-cracking. Hopefully, you can have a better work from home experience with the tips discussed above. Since most of the meetings will be through video conferences, you must dress up and be ready. Perform the basic grooming procedures before sitting behind your computer.

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