How smartphones can help students learn

Smartphones have changed the way people gain information and communicate. With your smartphone, you can call your spouse, text your classmate about missed assignments or buy assignments online, and Google a question you have. The function of a phone is beyond making phone calls.

Modern-day youths cannot believe that there was a time when there was no cell phone. With the upsurge in technological advancement and innovations, there is always something we can learn from smartphones. Besides, communication smartphones are useful tools in the field of education. They provide opportunities to study in ways we may not expect.

How smartphones can help students learn

1. Be connected to your assignments.

Using the internet, you can connect to a learning management system so long as you have access. Cornerstone University uses Moodle, and students can get discussion forums, resources, and assignments. Using your smartphone, you can access assignments from Moodle in a friendly way.

2. Record lectures

You can record your lesson as it progresses if you have difficulty tracking notes and paying attention to the lecturer during the class session. You can even record discussions on your smartphone so that you can listen to them later on.

3. Use notetaking apps

Several Apps such as Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive will help you organize and keep notes in a safe and convenient location. Besides, you can access files stored in these Apps wherever and whenever you are.

4. Listen to podcasts

Smartphones have numerous opportunities to disseminate information. Podcasts are a popular way of sharing stories, information, and ideas to inform and interest others. A podcast is available for each topic ranging from science to technology and business. You can not only listen but also enjoy the podcast.

5. Use video recording for presentations.

For online learning, it might be necessary that you record yourself making a presentation for an assignment. If your laptop does not have a camera or stops working, you can use your smartphone since it comes with a video recording function.

6. Monitor your calendar

Keeping track of your calendar on the phone allows you to be aware of upcoming meetings, appointments, assignments, and other activities. Knowing what is coming helps you to prepare ahead of time and be on top of things. Smartphone calendar allows you to set reminders so that you do not forget any event.

7. Read your books

For students who manage to get eBooks, you can take your readings whenever you go with ease. With eBook Apps such as Kindle, you can be ahead in your reading for your class or even read books for fun.

8. Get answers to your research question.

If you cannot go to the library because of unavoidable circumstances, you can connect with library personnel to get help and have your questions answered. Such connection can be through chat, phone call, text, or email.

9. Set a timer

If you have a challenge staying focussed on assignments either at home, school, or work, then you can use your smartphone stopwatch feature. You can set a timer for the time you will get committed to your tasks. When the timer is off, you can now take a break.

10. Contact your professor

Get in touch with your professor if you need clarification on an assignment or if you will be missing your next class. In such scenarios, use your smartphone as a communication device. Based on your professor’s taste and preference, you can text, email, or call.

A smartphone to do much more

You can use your smartphone to get in touch with your family in case you are late.

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