Why Your Ride’s Stance Suspension Springrates Are Important

Why Your Ride’s Stance Suspension Springrates Are Important

Perhaps the most popular aftermarket addition you can make to your car is the Coilover, however, despite this, it’s also something that’s misunderstood by most people. The confusion often lies in the setup and in particular, the stance suspension springrates that should be set for optimal effect.

The tendency is to either set the spring rates too high or too low, which can have a drastic effect on the handling of your vehicle. Aesthetics are important to many car owners, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your comfort. Let’s take a look at the mechanics of it.

Stance Suspension Springrates Influence Road Contact

There’s no doubt that there are some major benefits to dropping your car’s ride height and to adding some stiffness to your suspension. That said, this only really applies if your stance suspension springrates are set at the right level, as the rate will affect how your tires come into contact with the road and in turn, how your car handles.

Essentially the purpose of the springs in your suspension is two-fold. The first is to maintain contact and grip with the road and the second is to provide comfort to the driver. When a dip or a bump is encountered, the spring allows the tire to move up and down in line with this undulation.

The Effect of Spring Rates that Are ‘Too Low’ or ‘Too High’

If you have your stance suspension springrates set too stiff, the likelihood is that when you hit a bump whilst traveling at speed, your tires will actually lose contact with the road. Rates that are too high reduce comfort and control, as that’s something that you only have when in contact with the road.

Lower spring rates improve both comfort and handling, as contact with the road is much less likely. Of course, there is a point where it can become too soft and it too adversely affects your handling and comfort, but it’s usually not as noticeable as when things are too stiff.

Getting The Absolute Most Out of Your Suspension Dollars

There’s not a lot of sense in spending a sizable sum on high-quality aftermarket suspension parts only to deprive yourself of all the handling and comfort benefits it provides due to an incorrect setup. For this reason, we’d recommend getting a professional to set it up properly – unless of course, you have the requisite mechanical skills and knowledge to do it yourself.

As important as the right stance suspension springrates, is the quality of the parts you buy and we’d recommend buying yours from a reputable online retailer like www.springrates.com. That way you know that you’re covered by a warranty and you know that you’re getting a quality product and you can concentrate on getting it set up just right.

We really appreciate you reading our blog and we hope that you’ve found it useful. Coilovers are a great way to enhance the handling and comfort of your ride – but only if it’s installed correctly.

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