How To Unlock Android Phone With Password Without Factory Reset

How To Unlock Android Phone With Password Without Factory Reset

Forgot your password or pattern for android phone, then this article for you.

We are here to guide you in every step to unlock the android phone password without a factory reset or losing the data from the Android phone. Android phone has security protected with Google accounts and password. Android phone has more features and a lot of information on the phone. We use the mobile phone on our daily bases to store photos, contacts, addresses, chat with others, applications, calls through the carrier in the android phone. Once we locked the screen to protect the phone and stay on the private.

If you forgot the android phone password, we need to unlock the mobile phone without losing the data. The mobile phone has protected with play protect of the play store with Google account and its password. To open the screen, the android phone, without factory reset and losing data.

Here are to guide you out in every step and help through simple for unlocking the android phone password without factory reset. These are simple steps in the android to implement to unlock the screen from the phone without factory reset and losing the data. There are several methods to unlock the android phone password but only three are recommended by our experts.

Method 1: By Using Android Device Manager

In the android device manager, you can able to find the device and unlock the screen in the android. The device manager can be accessed by the google account from the pc to locate and clear screen lock. It would be best if you had pc and google account id and its password to access the device manager.

  • Visit the google and sign in Gmail account with a password. Visit the find my device on the android device on the website. Then select to unlock the device.

Android Device Manager 

  • Select the lock option from three options chooses one option among them.
  • A new window to displaying the information, as shown in the image. you are requested on the device to give mail id, password, recovery message (optional) and phone number (optional)

Android Device Manager 

  • Click on the lock button to unlock the screen of the Android device from the pc.

Method 2: Unlock The Android Phone Using Google Account And Password

To unlock the android phone and you forgot password, then after several times trying the multiple passwords, you can use the Google account for it. Google account linked with the android phone can unlock the android phone. These steps are used to unlock the phone with an android phone.

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  • After trying to unlock the screen multiple time, you will get the notification on the lock screen.
  • Click on the forgot password and enter the google account and password. Sign in with the google account and password the same details on the android phone.

The Android Phone Using Google Account And Password

  • Through this method, you need to enter the Gmail account and password that already signed on the android phone.

It is the first method that you can try on the phone, many users who don’t use Gmail on the phone. Move further and try other methods to unlock the phone.

Method 3: Unlock The Android Phone With Pattern Using ADB

You can use the tools for the android debug bridge is used to unlock android phone password without factory reset. These are steps to use the android debug bridge in the pc to unlock the android phone without factory reset.

  • Download the Android Debug bridge from the official website into your system. Android Debugger is available and downloads it just by click on it.
  • Launch the installer of them android debug bridge, download the vital package on your system.

The Android Phone With Pattern Using ADB 

  • Here we connect the android phone to the system from the USB connection.
  • To do this, you have to enable the settings in the developer option on the device. SCREEN LOCK PASSWORD>SETTINGS>DEVELOPER OPTIONS and SWITCH ON USB DEBUGGING.
  • Once the device is being connected to your system, launch the android debug bridge application and installation directory.
  • Enter the command operation in run “ADB shell rm/data/system/gesture. Key” and click on the enter key.
  • Then restart the device and access it as usual.

Method 4: Unlock The Android Phone With Tool (Third Party Tool)

If you still lack a problem in the screen lock in android, then you should try the third-party tools like ANDROID LOCK SCREEN REMOVAL. By using this software, you will remove the android phone password, pin, pattern, and fingerprint, or any lock on the screen.

ANDROID LOCK SCREEN REMOVAL works for every Android device. The android data recovery helps to unlock the android screen without losing the data from the android phone. This can open the devices of the android phone without doing the factory settings. These are simple steps from our expert give you a guide to unlocking the screen of android.

  1. Connect the android device with the USB connector to the system.
  2. First, download and install the ANDROID LOCK SCREEN REMOVAL and click on the unlock option. Connect the android phone with the help of the USB cable.
  3. Choose the device model in the software, because there are so many models in the android. Choose the brand name, device name, and model number.
  4. Click on the next button to confirm the devices to unlock the android phone.
  5. Enter the download mode for the choose model brand data to unlock the device
  6. Switch off the device and press the power button and volume up button on the device. Press this button on the device at the same time.
  7. Here the data recovery mode is connected and starts downloading data from the internet. Next step, you can see the android phone is unlocked, and data recovery is worked correctly.

These are the methods we use to unlock the android device without factory reset and losing data from the phone. We here to help you any every situation to solve the problem. Please comment below and share this article among your friends to resolve the android issue about the unlock screen of the android device without losing data.

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