How to Find App Ideas 2020 for your Business? 

How to Find App Ideas 2020 for your Business

Why do you want to create an app?

What problems will your app resolve? 

How your app will differentiate from the existing apps?

There should be something worth praising about your app that will persuade the customers to download your app. And to create that one app you have to think before you develop your app. An idea that will help you rule the competition and give you an edge over your competitors.

So, starting from the first you have to think of your business nature such as the target audience, the pain points, and your idea to address the pain points.

So, here’s how to follow the Topflight Apps provides step by step process to create a prolific app.

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Think of all the silly and great ideas that come to your mind and note it down on paper.  Continue this exercise for a month or two and keep jotting ideas. Sometimes you’ll see a range of ideas coming to your mind while other times you’ll be facing a block. So, keep brainstorming to find the best idea.

Even if your idea exists already then you should note down still as you can approach the idea in a different manner. Also, share your app ideas with the employees and your loyal customers because, with their feedback, you’ll get to know the excitement of the people on your idea.

2. Identify the Problems

An app becomes viral if more and more people can relate to it. For example, in Canada, real estate agency is on a boom and people have problems hiring the best real estate agent. So, if you seek to address this pain point with your app, it will get noticed quickly as compared to the app which is quite out of the context.

Here’s how you can find the idea by being in your local region.

  • Note your customer’s data. Things that interest them, things they avoid and things that persuade them to take action. Pay strong attention to the regular conversations so you can extract the best idea for your app. Also, keep your eyes open to the day to day conversations and your to-do list. The idea of the Dropbox ping the founder when he was in his office one day and find he was running out of space to store the files and documents. Similarly, by making your problem an opportunity, you can also change the perspective of your app.
  • Now that you know the problem, search the relevant apps on social media by using Hashtags. For example, if your app is a productivity app then you can search the relevant productive apps and analyze how they performed.

3. Find the Interest of your Potential Users

When you have found your target audience know where their interest lies. Dig the blogs, comments on blogs, forums, social discussion forums like Quora or Reddit and see what’s persuading your audience.

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If you have some questions in your mind, ask it and learn from the feedback. If possible, share your idea on the forums and see what readers have to say about it.

4. Spy your Competitors

Analyzing your competitors will help you learn many things such as their business strategies, lessons from their failure, marketing strategies and much more. You can also take ideas about how to market your app and how to make people aware of your app.

Adopt their ideas and make it work for your mobile app. Also, download their app and see how their app developers have amalgamated the app functionalities on the app.

5. Know the Latest Trends

Every year has its trends and ideas that works best for that year. For example, in the 2020 restaurant booking app, goods trading apps, health and fitness apps, and travel apps are going to be successful because of the demands of these kinds of apps.

Or you can also search for the trends using Google Trends and Google Alerts to find the best app idea. Study a wide range of ideas and if you think your app has the potential to address pain points and the solutions that work best for the people then go on creating those apps.

What’s your app idea and what’s your objective behind it?

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