5 Grooming Mistakes Men Make

5 Grooming Mistakes Men Make

Men have been shaving their beards for as long as a blade could do the job. Trends vary but in recent years, grooming Mistakes men hair on all parts of the body has become popular among men. Some men are born hairy all over and do not wish to look like cavemen. Some men want to look their best on the beach which may require attention to unwanted body hair or thickness over various parts of the body. Some men like to keep their body hair from irritating them while wearing colours or necklaces.

Some men want to completely “manscape” their entire body hair. Ultimately, a man’s body hair should look natural yet be comfortable. Proper shaving and grooming, and sometimes necessary waxing, will help achieve the perfect, natural look that a man desires. It is easy to follow the looks of celebrities and make some mistakes while grooming body hair. A man should be careful to keep his body hair in check but also to keep it looking natural while accentuating certain areas of the body. Here are some of the common mistakes men make when grooming their body hair.

5 Grooming Mistakes Men Make

1. Completely shave areas of the body

Some men can get carried away with ridding body hair. Removing too much or all body hair is only a good idea for an Olympic swimmer. While thick hair on a man’s shoulders, back and bottom are not typically desirable, it is not necessary to entirely shave other areas of the body including the chest, underarms, arms and legs. Shoulder, back and bottom hair can be waxed to completely remove hair. However, it looks unnatural for a man to be completely bare on other areas of the body unless he has no hair there, to begin with.

It is a wise idea to not overdo shaving. Lessening hair density in certain areas or keeping areas regularly groomed is a better way of looking great. Body hair is natural on a man and should be kept as natural-looking as possible. While some extra or longer hair can and should be taken care of, a man looks best with some hair on certain body parts.

2. Use over the counter depilatories

Another mistake some men make when grooming body hair is using drugstore depilatories. Using home waxes or sprays can be difficult and are less likely to leave the best results. Often rashes and irritation are the results. If the decision is made to wax certain areas of the body, it is best to have it professionally done. Chances are it will be quick and painless. It is less likely to cause rashes or irritation. The results will look better and last longer.

3. Leave defined lines

Some men want to look like a rock star. This is not always a great idea. Rock stars define their image by their looks. The point is to stand out and not look natural. Few men can carry that off. When grooming the face or any other area of the body, it is best to keep it natural and not like a piece of artwork. Leaving defined lines looks anything but natural. While it may make a man stand out but will not help him fit in. Unless he is a rock star or starring in a major film, it is not wise for a man to sculpt his body hair. Keep the natural lines.

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4. Don’t use the right tools

It is difficult to decide on the right tools for grooming different areas of the body. Common mistake men often make when grooming is choosing improper tools. A disposable razor, for example, is a big mistake when grooming certain areas of the body. Disposable razors or razors with less than 3 blades is sure to make the shaving process difficult. When fully shaving areas of the body, disposable razors will not shave closely and are more likely to cause nicks and cuts as well as skin irritation.

  • An electric shaver will have more features and will work for a close shave that is smooth and painless.
  • Adjustable blades and combs will help create the desired shave a man needs. Complete shaving or daily grooming should be done with a good electric shaver with many features to assist in the perfect hair removal.

5. Forget to shave or trim certain sensitive areas of the body

Some men cannot bear to consider shaving or trimming sensitive areas of the body. The groin region should not be ignored especially if a man is spending time on the beach. Depending on the man, this area could have a bit too much unmanageable hair. If he wants to look and feel his best, he should keep the area gently groomed. This can be done painlessly and efficiently with a good electric shaver.

Body grooming is as important for a man as for a woman. While somebody hair is necessary and looks natural, sometimes male body hair can be a bit too dense or look unkempt. Proper grooming and shaving extra body hair can make a man look great.

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