Technology Has Changed the Gambling Industry for Good; Here’s How

Technology Has Changed the Gambling Industry for Good

Though the foundational concepts that define bookmakers, casinos, and other gambling platforms remain fairly unchanged, the impact of technology on the sector over the years is hard to overlook.

One glance at modern gambling platforms, such as the JustSpin online casino, reveals a significant evolution that has been crucial to enhanced accessibility and increased popularity of gambling.

Below we recount the main ways gambling has changed (for the better) to appreciate the role of tech in the industry.

  1. From offline to online 

The first thing that comes to mind whenever someone mentions tech is the internet. Officially founded in 1983, the internet has been central to the evolution of the gambling industry. It completely changed how people gamble, allowing gambling houses and their patrons to take their activities online.

Initially, everything was done in person. If you wanted to place a bet at a local bookmaker or play the casino at your favorite joint, you had to be there in person or send a representative.

Not anymore. The invention of the internet means players and gambling houses can now interact online. Indeed, players can download their favorite casino and the best sporting apps gamble conveniently from home.  

  1. From local shops to a global presence 

Technology has also changed accessibility rules for gamblers. In the past, players were restricted to local shops. You could only bet or play your favorite casinos at the local joint. Alternatively, you had to travel long distances to access the desired casino or bookmaker.

Players were therefore also restricted to what the local casino house had on offer. If your local casino only offered natural blackjack, that is all you could play unless you were willing to travel several miles to the next casino.

Technology has liberated the industry from such restrictions. For one, you can now play whichever casino you want from wherever you live as previous geographical barriers no longer exist. Additionally, the increased accessibility gives players greater choice. If casino A doesn’t offer a game you want, you can check out casino B in a matter of clicks.

  1. More variety than ever before

Gambling is more fun when players have more options. Unfortunately, gamblers back in the day didn’t enjoy too many options. Records show that the earliest casinos in the 15th century only offered Baccarat. Other games such as two-player poker and dice rolling only emerged hundreds of years later. According to legend, the first slots game appeared in 1894.

Such a lack of options can make an industry restrictive and uninteresting. For instance, we can safely assume that Baccarat was a preserve for a unique social class during the early days.

That’s another area where technology has played a massive role as we now have a liberated industry with thousands of unique games. A single casino house today may offer more than 100 games. This allows more people to play. But even more importantly, it brings excitement to the industry. You can easily try the next game if the first one feels too complicated.

  1. Ease of transactions 

It’s impossible to list the benefits of technology without mentioning the evolution of payment structures. Back in the day, there was only one way to transact – through banks. The only alternative was through hard cash. But, most casinos stopped paying in cash when it became too risky. So, all winners would get paid through bank checks.

This isn’t entirely bad. Indeed, many casinos and bookmakers still accept bank transactions and even pay winnings through bank transfers. However, it was very limiting as anyone without a bank account (and many people didn’t have one in those days) couldn’t play.

Today, technology has brought multiple payment solutions besides banks, making gambling accessible to a broader audience. Although you can still pay and get paid through the bank, you can also opt for e-wallets, mobile transfers, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and so forth.

  1. Increased security 

Finally, one of the biggest challenges to the gambling industry in the older days was security. Imagine a bookmaker taking hard cash from players for the entire day and transporting it to the bank in the evening! It was incredibly risky.

Vans transporting money were constantly attacked and robbed. The same applies to winners. Anyone carrying hard cash from the casino instantly became a target for criminals and thugs.

Players and gambling companies now enjoy greater security thanks to tech innovations. For example, players can pay through e-wallets and receive payouts without anyone noticing. Meanwhile, many casinos and betting houses now accept credit cards and online payments. Thus, they don’t have to worry about sacks of cash.


It’s easy to see that technology has been a major factor in the evolution of gambling. It has made the industry more accessible, profitable, and even safer for players and gambling companies. Long may it continue.

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