4 Best Android Apps for Premier League Fans

4 Best Android Apps for Premier League Fans

What if we tell you that your smartphone can become your most reliable friend in terms of football updates? Yes, it can be that simple and all you need for it is just one app. Live score apps are the best resources on everything about your favorite sports. Within one app you get all the news, stories, match details and statistics on any league you choose.

They are also very useful for people, who are always on the go. With a live score app you’ll get notifications on every update in multiple matches at once, which is pretty convenient, especially when you don’t have time to watch them. But if you want even more data on the latest sports competitions, do check Buasib and its livescore section.

These apps are reliable sources of information, available for everyone. We found the best free live score apps for Android users. As a football fan you simply can’t miss the opportunity to get one of these!

4 Best Android Apps for Premier League Fans


LiveScore will keep you updated on the scores and live sports events. It covers football, basketball, hockey, tennis and cricket. It’s a top app that has been on the market for more than 10 years and is holding leading positions among best football apps up until now. It allows you customize notifications and news that you’ll receive. The app will send you real-time notifications to inform about everything that’s happening in several matches at once. You can also choose your favorite teams – a feature that allows easier access to latest news on what you like the most.

Forza Football

It is very convenient in use and includes all of the top features. The calendar at the top makes date search fast and easy. Each match is located on the top of the day, so you’ll never miss any important event. The app sends goal alerts, gives full match statistics and provides with the news from trust-worthy sources. You might need a VPN to make it work in China and other countries with governmental censorship.

Onefootball Soccer Scores

With this app you can follow hundreds of teams and leagues worldwide. In a following tab you are free to choose as many favorite teams and players as you wish to receive personalized updates on them. Hot news, match stats and live commentary are all in one app. Covering a large number of competitions and leagues, the app will immediately send you real-time updates on scores, stats and many more. It also sends a reminder before each match, making sure you never miss out on them.

Premier League (Official App)

This is one of the most complete apps on Google Play. Here you can watch video highlights on world’s best players, get news and features from your favorite FC. You also get full management of your Fantasy Premier League team. Besides, it has a 27 year statistics history, which makes it unique. The most popular app is MPL Live App, which is a game platform that can be downloaded to your Android or iOS device. Visit Here Wifispc

Final Thoughts

These are the trending apps with good reputation, which some of them have earned throughout the years. That’ why you have to use one of these and never install app from sources you don’t trust or at least install one of the antiviruses working on mobile devices.

Once again, these all of these options are compatible with any Android device and are made to enhance your sports monitoring experience.

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