Different Types Of Stands For Your Retractable Banner

Different Types Of Stands For Your Retractable Banner

Once you are sure of participating in an event, your business needs a banner. Getting retractable banner from reliable centers is always a good call on your part. But before you do that, it is mandatory to know the type of stands that you can get with it. If these stands are not up to the mark, you might end up missing out on some points for that.

Creating attractive designs for your banner is not the end of the story if you fail to choose the right stand to go with it. So, without wasting any more of your precious time, it is vital to check in with the stands first.

Different Types Of Stands For Your Retractable Banner

  • The most common pull up banner:

If you are looking for the most popular and common banner stand, then pull-up is the most sought-after one to consider. It is pretty fast and also simple to set up an exhibition. Another interesting advantage of this banner is that it packs down pretty well and will occupy that small footprint. That makes this form of retractable banner easy to move from one show to another. You can get these pull-up banners in multiple widths to match your requirements.

  • The spring back banner stand:

This form of banner is known for having no base. It is mainly based on a tripod structure and will stand loosely on its own. And it will tighten up once you attach this banner with another post. In some of the cases, one grommet is used in every corner of the banner for holding this graphic in its proper place. These stands are mainly known for their lightweight and easy to carry around or set-up fast. They will have the extra benefit of being able to carry out the graphics by just attaching a different banner whenever the need arises.

  • The telescopic display:

If you are trying to create an entire wall out of graphics, then the basic retractable banners won’t do you good. You need telescopic banner stands for the same as these options to give you the opportunity to expand or contract stand based on the available display area. Some of the manufacturing houses will further offer you connectors for allowing you to connect multiple displays together for a large wall of graphics. Most of these stands have the power to adjust graphic’s height, either smaller or larger, based on the needs.

  • Fabric banner stand:

If you don’t like any of the options mentioned already, you can simply go for the fabric banner stand. It is one major alternative to the popular form of pull-up banner. Here, the frame is comprised of light in weight aluminum poles, which are well joined together for the base framework. Then a fabric print is then slid over the frame, much like a pillowcase.

So, what are you waiting for? Go through all the possible options, and then aim for the best banner stand to go for. You will be surprised with so many options, waiting for you to grab right now!

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