6 Very Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Raspberry Pi

6 Very Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Raspberry Pi

Whilst cost will generally remain low, depending on additional equipment, choosing the actual base product Raspberry Pi is more variable than you might realise.  With endless media around ‘The’ Raspberry Pi, it’s easy to imagine a single, simple starting block, when in fact several variations are available.  Now you’re ready to make the leap into the world of Raspberry Pi, make sure you walk through the following list to ensure you’re making the best choice of base model available from a Raspberry Pi store.

6 Very Important Things Choosing a Raspberry Pi

Intended Use

It may seem obvious, but as using a Raspberry Pi has such huge potential and wide variation of applications, your final intended purpose has to be the first port of call before choosing which model to go for.  Home tinkering, classroom coding, business organization, security…the list is endless. First, jot down a few of the most important end goals for your scenario. This will allow you to prioritize, and ensure that you choose the right model for your particular needs.

User Skill Level

Beginner or expert, it’s important to consider your initial capability before choosing where to start.  If you’re a complete Raspberry Pi novice, then perhaps a starter kit is the way to go.  Supported by easily available online learning materials and tutorials, you’ll be able to build satisfying hobby projects or complex business administration solutions alike but read carefully into each base model spec to ensure your project and the model itself fits your current (or indeed targeted) user skill level.

Additional Equipment Requirements

Following naturally from the previous points, your intended end application will also require careful consideration of additional components.  Project specifications will dictate connection and expandability.

Size and weight  

Placement, any intended external casing and mobility requirements may also affect your choice of product.  Whilst all Raspberry Pi base models may be small in size, consider any auxiliary equipment and the intended physical placement of your device carefully.  Do you want to create a mobile or even wearable device?  Does the completed package need to be hidden neatly behind another device or behind a screen, for example?

Time Availability

Aligning perhaps with user skill level, time may have an important impact on product choice.  Building your Raspberry Pi project from zero with a less advanced skill set may impact greatly on your available time and therefore consider carefully if a ‘kit’ version will save time pressures from learning, design and development.

Functional Spec

Speed, storage, networking and memory – all vital characteristics to consider.  Map your end goal against the different specifications available according to the highest priority. For example, projects with graphical applications or multiple processes will require higher memory and speed functionality whilst security devices such as a CCTV application will need to focus on storage space.

And there you have it – 6 of the most important things that you need to consider when choosing a Raspberry Pi. After you have thought about all these aspects in-depth, you will be able to make a well-informed decision on which model of Raspberry Pi is the right one for you.

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