Which SEO plugin is best for bloggers!

Which SEO plugin is best for bloggers!

There are more than 1.75 billion websites on the internet and they’re growing day by day at a high pace. Mainly these websites are made for generating sales and are construct for becoming an authority website for information in a particular niche. But for becoming an authority and to rank higher, the content must be in that format that it must make easily understandable by the search engine bots. And for this, there is a need for a plugin that will help your content in a crawlable format, which provides the aid to search engine spiders.

Let’s dwell in a story of one of my friend who is handling the accounting website and want to seek the answer about best SEO plugin. As he is on his initial stage of developing his website for which he wants to know about the best and most serviceable plugin for SEO purposes.

Comparison of best three plugins in the SEO industry

There are only three plugins that are prominent in the SEO industry, which are used for making the content more crawlable. Rank math, Yoast, and All In One SEO are the best ones. Three plugins are quoted as best, and it does not mean that you have to install all the three plugins for the SEO purpose. So for making the best choice, here is a comparison of all the three plugins.

The oldest, All in one SEO plug-in

This plugin is one of the oldest and has more than 50,000,000 users. This plugin is especially useful for those who are beginners and also have some advanced features. The developers to develop API for compiling with some superior websites. This plugin has an advanced version when upgraded to the pro-version additionally. Some of the quality functions that it submits XML sitemap on different search engines, and it additionally supports schema markup for growing search snippets. This plugin is also supportive of the sites using woo-commerce plugin specially for any e-commerce website.

Yoast SEO plugin

This plugin is not accredited of being the oldest one but had helped tens of millions of web sites global to rank higher in the search engine. As the mission of Yoast plugin is SEO for everyone due to which it is used by tens of millions of websites on this planet. This plugin enables the site owners to grow content more SEO friendly.

This plugin also has snippet preview facilitates, adding FAQ and how-to guides in the content. This plugin has some additional functionality if opted for the premium model. In this, it gives you alternatives to have synonyms and related key phrases in your content; it additionally offers help for 404 pages as a redirect manager. This plugin adds a few internal links recommendations while you write. This plugin helps find phrase forms and cornerstone checks to your first page.

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The premium version is also well matched with local SEO, Video SEO, news SEO, and woo-commerce SEO. Currently, this time this is greater prevalent within the SEO industry and dominating it.

Rank math

This is a brand new plugin and giving a stiff competition to the above-given plugins. The great thing about this plugin is that it is free of cost. But why to use this plugin when the older plugin is working fine?

This is the legitimate query because the primary reasons for using this plugin is that-

Easy to use- The first and foremost cause for the usage of this plugin is that this is very much easy to use. And far better than different competitors. As it includes the entirety for meta-facts creating a sitemap, including schema and plenty of more important things that can be available in various plugins after the use of their top-class versions.

Autoconfiguration and capability- This plugin is much extra mature as it automatically configures what type of SEO settings are best for your website. And it also affords to add to index and no index manually or the usage of autopilot mode.

Google key-word tracking- It is just a factor of attention that you always ought to hold juggling with the SERP on which role you are on google; however, while using rank math, you need to worry about this.

Detailed documentation with full-time support- This is the first component as, and when you are stuck in any problem only, you may head over at the designated documentation. In case you are not finally solved, you could contact its supporting team. They are available all the time, or you can say 24*7 of the week.

Here I have discussed all the significant plugins famous for SEO activity, which will give a deep insight into taking this major decision for SEO plugin.


The above-given plugins are the popular ones that might be having greater than 60% of the SEO plugin market everywhere in the world. And in my opinion, the rank math is the first-rate one as it is at its preliminary degree and presenting the offerings free of cost.

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