6 Important Factors Into Internal Site SEO

6 Important Factors Into Internal Site SEO

In this article, we are going to talk about the internal site SEO factors of the site. Important factors that can help a website succeed. We do not talk much about what an internal SEO is about in this content, and we focus more on the influencing factors that exist within the site that can help us. We have compiled yet another article to define the internal SEO in a comprehensive way, which we will soon be publishing on the modern site blogger. In this context, we will briefly define the site’s internal SEO and then move on to the important points.

What is Internal SEO?

What is Internal SEO

All the things we do within the website to make our website optimized for Google (well-structured) are called internal SEO. These can now be editing and coding for templates or editing previous content. You should also note in the internal SEO of the site that you are now optimizing your content on a Google basis and providing it to users.

In future posts, we will try to talk about what is internal SEO of the site in a comprehensive way and introduce you to very simple and practical ways to evaluate your site’s SEO. Now let’s move on to the important points of internal SEO.

Important points in site SEO:

Page Title Impact on Internal SEO:

The first step to attracting users to your website through search engines is to use attractive and specific titles. Attractive headlines are the first step to SEO and optimizing your site internally. Be careful if you are using content management systems (CMS) ready with two headings for your content.

Title One: This is actually the title of the article that users see on the site.

Second Title: To display in Google search results, users are encouraged to click on your site link.

Note: As each page in the search results say SEO title.

For example: As you can see in the picture below, writing the right titles can help you get a more professional look and use the right keywords.

Internal SEO without meta-description (description tag) makes no sense!

If you want your users to be featured in Google search results and logged into your site, you need to provide them with interesting and relevant information. Ways of presenting information in Google search results are as follows: page title and description or description of that page. We talked about the page title or the SEO title in the previous post, but here comes the discretion.

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As you can see in the picture above, some interesting titles were used along with the appropriate keywords in the title. The description also provides a user-friendly explanation that can help them login easily.

 Internal SEO without meta-description (description tag) makes no sense

Select specific keywords for each page:

Choosing the right keywords can help you achieve your goal and success. If you want to succeed and compete faster you need to use the right keywords.

The specific keywords for each page can determine your main purpose and what users should enter the page.

Using H Tags:

Using H Tags

The proper use of headings has a great impact on SEO. You should use H tags properly and regularly. Keep in mind that over-use and inappropriate use of headings can also give you a negative score.

If you are considering using headings in your content, it is important to start from H1 to H6, but wait! H1 in Google rules is only for content titles and each page should have the only h1. So for other headings, you can use h2 and h3, respectively.

Images must be optimized (Alt Tag):

Images must be optimized (Alt Tag)

The ALT tag is very important in SEO, if you are using multimedia content such as photos, videos and audio throughout your content, you are actually improving the quality of your content because the user interacts well with such content. This will make Google give you a positive rating.

But the one thing that exists and you should always pay attention to is the ALT tag for images. You might ask what is the ALT tag? We have prepared a comprehensive article on this topic, which we will be releasing soon on Novin Maker. But here’s a brief explanation: Suppose you go to a website for images of that website or page for a variety of reasons (slow internet speed, inaccessible content, etc.) See, so a text is displayed to the user instead of a photo, this text will help the user and the search engine robot understand what the photo is about. It is true that the image has not been fully loaded, but Google is giving a positive rating to that content because the robot and humans have realized it.

Title text optimization:

Suppose you are going to link to another page of your site or another site, how do you do that? Many people may answer that it’s a very simple task Yes, it’s a very simple task, but there is one important point to make! What point?

For example, if you want the word  SEO on-page SEO Site Builder new link, you must optimize your link to Google’s robots can correct thread link and the page that referred the user to review. You must select a link title for your site to be optimized for your users.

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