How modern yoga asana was inherited from the traditional “Yoga”

How modern yoga asana was inherited from the traditional “Yoga”

Nowadays, most of us are familiar with the word “yoga” and it’s some of the benefits for health.

Do modern yoga practices differ in philosophy or values from traditional yoga? Does modern yoga completely different from ancient yoga? Although modern yoga is much similar to traditional yoga because it is inherited from ancient yoga forms. But, modern yoga has also combined some new posture to yoga asana to make it for everyone. Modern yoga comprises some techniques that include asana or postures and meditation procured from some of the practices, teachings, and philosophies of Indian traditions and well-formed into a wide variety of schools or ashrams of yoga teaching. From this technological era, yoga has become a subject for academic studies.

In fact, there you can see many types of similarities between both modern and ancient yoga asanas. Yes, some of the new asanas were also introduced by some yogis as an evolutionary style of yoga. Here, I would discuss some of them. To know modern yoga asana clearly, please read this article up to the end.

Following are some asanas that are inherited from the traditional style of yoga –

Hatha yoga-

In modern yoga, hatha yoga is a key part of the traditional yoga form inherited from it. Here, we can find some similarities or differences between the two of them. Hatha yoga is a well-known and widely practiced style of yoga. It is an important type of yoga that merely focuses on mental and physical health. Hatha yoga includes bodily postures like pranayama (breathing technique), asana (postures), and meditation with an aim to let you have a peaceful mind and healthy body.

This asana gives your body flexibility and teaches you how to balance or control your body movement in order to increase your consciousness. In modern yoga, there are almost 200 in numbers hatha yoga postures, with 100s of variations that help our body to maintain blood circulation in all the organs and also make our spine flexible. If you have a passion to learn more about yoga, then you can do it from Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

Iyengar yoga-

Iyengar yoga is another name to the list of modern yoga asanas. This yoga form was developed by the B.K.S Iyenger in 1970, as an exercise that has prominence on details, alignment, and precision in the performance of yoga postures or asanas. Generally, this style of yoga uses props like blankets, blocks, and belts as supports while performing asanas. Though this style uses props because people who have physical limitations like beginners, and elderly people, can harm themselves while stretching. Ultimately, it reduces the risk of strains or injuries during practices. There are over 200 asanas in Iyengar yoga.

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga-

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga is another modern yoga inherited from classical or traditional yoga by K.PattabhiJois during the 20th century. This style is all about to put synchronization between breath and flowing movement postures.

Bikram Yoga/ Hot Yoga-

Bikram yoga is also known as hot yoga, developed by Bikram Chaudhary. According to this modern yoga asana, 26 postures with a fixed sequence (or steps)

are followed by practitioners at a room temperature of almost 105 degrees Fahrenheit (41-degree Celsius) with a humidity of 40%. Bikram yoga was frequently spread across western countries like America.

Sivananda Yoga-

Sivananda yoga form was devised by Swami Vishnudevananda. This yoga form is based on a spiritual yoga system inherited from Vedanta philosophy. It includes practices like asana, pranayama, diet, relaxation, and meditation. This yoga asana is also inspired by traditional yoga philosophy and refined in a way to make its reach to all human beings.

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Power Yoga-

Indian yogis like Swami Vivekanand, who visited a country like America in 1893, introduced lectures over there with addition to some yoga philosophy as well. As a result, it brought awareness worldwide about yoga. And yoga became popular among Americans due to its incredible benefits for the body like flexibility, energy, metabolism, and control over the body. Recently, Americans developed or innovate their own style by inspiring through the hatha yoga asanas. Similarly, power yoga is an American version of yoga. Power yoga is completely based on hatha yoga principles with some variations.


Thus, we can say that all modern yoga practices are based on traditional yoga and somehow more refined by people in recent times like Maharishi Patanjali, B.K.S Iyenger, and Sivananda. It was done with an aim to make people physically and mentally healthy or peaceful. You can join 300-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and start your new career. Yoga may give your career a new opportunity with today’s perspective and you may also become a medium to explore this knowledge throughout the world.

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