Technology and Weddings: How to Mix the Two

Technology and Weddings

The time has come for the digital natives to marry. To what extent do they employ technology for the big day?

One thing is certain: the wedding industry is the one that’s basically impossible to disrupt with the digital startups- mainly because those are one-off customers. They get married and forget about the fuss. Besides, how many times in life one gets the chance to have a wedding? Two tops. You have to attract customers over and over again. It’s the Sisyphus of e-business.

Luckily, there are a lot of tech things that can be incorporated into weddings because some of them are life (and time) saviors, while others just add to that wow effect. And rumor has it that post-millennials cherish experience more than anything traditional. For some time now there have been 3D printed wedding dresses and cakes, VR, mapping through projection, go-pro cameras hidden in a bouquet, etc.

Let’s see what they’re about.

Make it 3D

Yes, 3D printing is “oldish”, but it has spread so widely that one may see a whole wedding dress, cake details, like toppers or holders, even the whole cakes. You can print it in front of your guests as part of the event, why not.

Some people opt for printed party favors- like the guests’ images. Not to mention badges and other memorabilia.

Drone Me Away

Is there any photography/videography package that doesn’t include drone coverage of the whole venue and the surroundings, like this spectacular wedding venue in Montgomery, Texas? I doubt that. Done well, it’s breathtaking and memorable and is a perfect addition to the whole wedding footage. They can also hover the wedding tables, where guests can express their love for the newlyweds (make sure to inform them beforehand).

Just so you know, some people also use drones instead of the ring-bearers.

Projection. In a Good Way

This is a combination of AR (augmented reality) and video mapping, and it can look both marvelous or disastrous, depending on how well it has been thought out. Some things, like cake projection mapping, is a little bit “been there, done that”, because although it’s newish, it’s also already worn out.

But to do it on a table, or walls, or on a dance floor, it can look absolutely amazing. What’s best is the sense of control you gain while preparing for that. You get to know the final product immediately.

Reality. Virtual Reality.

Have you tried the headset yet? The experience is pretty indescribable, and this pandemic and social distancing are going to make all of us buy one for home use. Because you have a real feeling of walking on a beach, watching the sunset, going to Mars, being a superhero, walking through NiagaraFalls, you name it.

This industry can use it for customers to have a comfortable exploration of the venues from their homes, not only just the empty ones but also decorated and styled, digitally layered. Or, videography in virtual reality allows people who were unable to attend to watch the wedding later with no sense of absence whatsoever. What a potential!

Other Fun Technology Ideas

There are other widely used ways to utilize technology for weddings, as well. Custom hashtags for Instagramming, or a Flickr account prepared in advance.

I also loved this idea of making digital favors- giving the younger, tech-savvy guests what they want instead of something they may as well forget on the table- digital downloadable cards for a song from iTunes or some well-designed e-agenda and the like.

If you decide to elope but still want some of your nearest and dearest people to watch you say the nuptials- there are some pretty cool websites that deal with wedding live streaming.

On a more peculiar streak, you can opt for a “projection wedding ring” that can be used to project photos when the nano lens is switched.

We mentioned a go-pro in the flowers or a wedding dress, but imagine placing it above the dance floor where people tend to have all kinds of honest moments. If done by a professional, the footage can be integrated into the rest of the wedding footage. Fun, right?


Technology is moving so fast that this article may be yesterday’s news. But when it comes to weddings, it can be used as much as it serves the purpose.

People who decide to marry won’t all of a sudden wish for an inedible cake, but they might opt for the spectacle of a 3d printed giant.

Think of technology as of a helpful reality augmenter, not as something that will take over the wedding industry completely.

Brick-and-mortar venues are here to stay, no matter how much fun it is to have a virtual wedding in a space-shuttle.

AuthorBio: James Barnes is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events. When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.

I am a full-time professional blogger from India. I like reading various tech magazines and several other blogs on the internet.