Calling All Geeks: The Highest Paying Web Design Careers

Calling All Geeks: The Highest Paying Web Design Careers

While companies might have been able to get away with having slow websites in the past, that’s no longer true today. Studies have shown that 53% of people will click away from a website if it takes too long to load.

This makes having a fast and effective website more important than ever.

Instead of trying to build their own websites, many businesses turn to website design companies to help them out. This level of demand has created a need for web designers, making the field lucrative for many. And because of this demand, there is an increase number of remote jobs in Dallas and some companies even offer their employees extra allowance so that they can use it to pay for their device and internet connection.

But what sort of web design careers pay you the highest?

If you’re interested in getting a web design degree, keep reading to learn about some of the highest-paying web design jobs that are available to you.

Back-End Web Developers

If you’ve ever wondered how the webpages you view load and operate, know that you have back-end web developers to thank. Although you don’t see much of what they do, they help build the infrastructure that different websites run on.

Also called web programmers, back-end web developers handle all of the web applications, servers, networks, and databases that operate behind the scenes.

Having such an essential job means that back-end web developers get paid a sizeable salary. The median income is around $100,000, while experienced web programmers can make much more than that.

Front-End Web Developers

While back-end web developers work on the framework that runs behind the scenes, front-end web developers do the opposite. They design the interfaces that you see when you visit a website.

By using programs like CSS and HTML, front-end web developers are able to make everything from interactive games to menus and comment boxes. All of these things add substance to web pages that would otherwise feel void of life.

The average salary for a front-end web developer is around $60,000, but industry experts can make more than $80,000. If you’re considering freelancing, expect to make around $50 an hour.

Web Designers

As their name suggests, web designers are in charge of the design elements of a website. They deal less with the technical aspects, and instead pay more attention to the aesthetic elements.

Designers work to ensure that everything on the web pages meshes well together. This means coordinating fonts, colors, the layout, and any multimedia, like photos or slideshows.

The salary you receive as a web designer depends heavily on your experience levels. If you’re just starting out, you can expect to receive around $50,000. Mid-level designers can earn around $60,000, while senior-level designers can make $75,000 or more.


A website can have the best infrastructure and design in the world, but if the actual content itself is lacking, then it will all be for nothing. That’s where writers come in.

Companies work with writers to ensure that the content on their website gets the company’s point across, while also sticking to a theme. Some businesses may want a formal and elegant sounding copy, while others may want content that is simple and easy-to-read.

Many writers that work with different companies are freelancers. Their average salary hovers around $60 an hour. If they work with a website production company or agency, then they can expect to make around $60,000, with experienced writers earning more.

User Experience Designers

As most business owners can attest to, it’s essential that companies know their audience. User experience designers work to make sure that the company website matches the preferences and needs of their target customers.

They’re tasked with handling everything from avatar and icon creation to designing chat rooms and supervising art creation. All of the elements that user experience designers handle help make the customer experience as enjoyable and easy of a process as possible.

They might also use tools to see how effective the current website is. For example, heatmaps can show how far down a page a user scrolls. Check out this guide at to learn more about heatmaps and form analysis.

User experience designers receive some of the highest salaries out of all of the different types of web designers. The average salary is around $85,000 a year, but industry professionals can make well over $100,000.

Marketing Manager

Although it might not sound like it has much to do with web design, web developers rely on marketing managers to advertise websites to the public in the most effective way possible.

Depending on the business, this can mean turning to social media or creating an attractive ad that advertises the company website.

Given the required levels of marketing expertise, marketing managers that work alongside web developers often need an MBA with a focus on marketing. All that hard work pays off, however, as the average salary hovers around $110,000.

Creative Directors

Website design professionals that have a lot of experience might end up as creative directors one day. These executives handle all of the design elements in a company, ensuring that operations run smoothly and without a problem.

Creative directors oversee copywriters, web designers, graphic artists, and many other types of people. Although their position is managerial in nature, they rely on their solid design skills to create plans and execute their judgment.

Creative directors are at the top of the web production career ladder, and their salary reflects their expertise. The average salary is around $100,000, while salaries around $140,000 aren’t unheard of.

Enjoy the Top Web Design Careers

Whether you have a web design degree or are thinking about getting one, understand that your job opportunities are nearly limitless. Consider one of the high paying web design careers mentioned in this guide, and you can be certain that you’ll be on the path to success.

Do you now have a better understanding of some of the highest paying web design jobs? If you do, make sure to check out some of our other blog posts for more career-related guides and tips.

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