Biggest slot jackpot wins in 2019

Biggest slot jackpot wins in 2019

With the way 2020 has gone, many of us wish the year was 2019 again. It was a great year with a lot of important events such as the UK general election, trade wars between the US and China and a royal baby. For online slots, 2019 had some major jackpot wins!

There are two types of jackpots, fixed and progressive. Fixed jackpots is a jackpot which will not increase or decrease, it stays the same no matter how long it’s been or how many people are playing. The life changing wins usually come from games such as Vikings Go

W ild Slot with progressive jackpots!

Mega Moolah $15.12 million

This slot from microgaming has a progressive jackpot, this means that the jackpot size increases with every losing spin. With more volatile slots, this amount can reach an absolutely huge proportion. That is what one lucky winner found out when playing Mega Moolah at online casino Zodiac in early 2019.

They won an astounding $15.12 million, this is roughly just over 13 million pounds! Perhaps wisely, the winner chose to remain anonymous so we will never know what they spend their winnings on. Still the amount they won in the Mega Moolah jackpot will always be known, as it was the largest jackpot won playing an online slot in the whole of 2019!

Joker Millions €3,041,054.79

The ever popular slot proved to be lucky for a Finnish gentleman who managed to take home a whooping €3,041,054.79! This win is ever more impressive when you find out that he managed to win this amount from a spin of 0.50. It is a real affirmation of progressive jackpots that he managed to win that much and it should encourage other players to play them.

Mega Fortune Dreams €4,333,667.97

This slot was developed by NetEnt, awarding a massive sum of 4.3 million to a sixty five year old woman, proving that age doesn’t matter. What’s more impressive is that the winner only spent €4 on her initial bet, the over 4 million euros was certainly a nice return on her investment. This huge amount of money helped raise the profile of the Mega Fortune Dreams slot and distinguished it from its predecessor, Mega Fortunes. Now more players flock to Mega Fortune Dreams in an attempt to win the jackpot eat away (먹튀).

Wild Elements £259,937.92

This may not be as much as previous amounts but it is proof that players can still win big from smaller, fixed jackpots. The lucky winner was playing at home in Swansea at the time the online slot gifted them over £250,000! You would be hard pressed to find anybody who would say that this is not a life altering amount of money.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’d be a fixed or progressive jackpot, the lucky winners have all had their lives changed by online slots. Other players read about their stories and get inspired, after all everybody has the same chance to win the jackpot!

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