Aquaguard The Leader Of Water Purifiers

Aquaguard The Leader Of Water Purifiers

Consuming direct tap water is very harmful in present times when the whole universe has got contaminated with harmful bacteria and viruses. These microorganisms breed in the water bodies and enter the human body through the consumption of dirty, unclean water. Aquaguard Purifying the water by boiling them is no longer considered as the most authentic method. Thus cleaning water applying the latest upgraded technology becomes imperative. Aquaguard water purifiers provide ideal drinking water, which is supplied by municipal corporations.

The leading Aquaguard company:

Eureka Forbes service is the leading Aquaguard company that has offered a wide range of water purifiers. The water purifiers target different problems that the people confront in recent times. You can experience the ultimate effective water treatment with the following Aqua guard water purifiers from Eureka Forbes.

1) Dr. Aqua guard classic water purifier

M.R.P- 11,190.00

This water purifier has Biotron cartridge, which breaks down the complicated water molecules into finer particles so that pure water can be obtained within a limited period. The UV lamp located in the purifier has an auto shut off facility, which enhances the lamp’s working capability. This also helps to save power. The pre-filters present in the water purifier trap mud and dust present in the water. This purifier operates more simply, but the functions are highly improvised. The e-boiling facility is a unique feature of this purifier, which ensures pure drinking water, like the water that is boiled for 20 minutes.

2) Aqua guard Reviva 50 RO water purifier

M.R.P- 12,690.00 INR

Aquaguard RO Service water purifier helps to get rid of the pesticides and chemicals which are dissolved in the water and thus ensures complete purification. This purifier contains advanced technology called Silver Surety, which not only clears the microorganisms but even prevents the further growth of bacteria and viruses. The RO technology present in the purifier makes it the perfect choice for purifying water at home.

3) Aqua guard Enhance UV+UF

M.R.P- 12,990.00 INR

This water purifier is extremely reliable as it does not just provide pure water but even ensures that the drinking water is sparkling clear with zero bacteria, protozoa, virus, and several contaminants of recent times. This water purifier has copper technology, which provides the good effects of copper in the drinking water. The ultra-filter present in the purifier can secure you from bacterial contaminants. The mineral guard technology helps in retaining the vital minerals present in the water. For inquiries, one can contact the aquaguard tollfree number 1800 200 3434 or the Aquaguard complaint number 1860 200 3434. Both these numbers are the same.

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4) Dr. Aqua guard Classic with booster pump

M.R.P- 12,990.00 INR

This purifier is structured for areas having poor water supply or no water supply. The booster pump and the e-boiling facility ensure that every single drop of water is purified and safe for drinking. It has three customized options for installation. The purifier is equipped with advanced technologies like Biotron, Mineral Guard, and Active Copper Maxx.

5) Aquaguard Superb UV+UF water purifier

M.R.P- 13,999.00 INR

This water purifier has an aesthetic appeal that can enhance the appearance of the kitchen. Although this purifier has features similar to that of the Aqua guard Enhance model, the LED indicator is an added benefit that notifies the user about filter replacement and periodic servicing. The purifier has silver-impregnated activated carbon, which helps to improve the taste of the purified water. The customer confidence number or customer care number of Aquaguard is the same as the Aquaguard toll-free number. Customers can contact the experts at this number if they face any problem.

6) Dr. Aqua guard NRich UV water purifier

M.R.P- 14,490 INR

This purifier has six advanced stages of water processing, which helps to remove all bacteria and viruses. The purifier has an LED display that is intuitive, and the storage capacity is large.

7) Aqua guard Absolute hot and ambient cold water purifier

M.R.P- 40,500 INR

This water purifier is expensive in the lot. It delivers water at a cold, ambient, and hot temperature. The water purifier has a storage capacity of 16.6 liters. Hence it is ideal for office purposes that care for their employee’s health. This storage capacity is also useful for areas which have a poor power supply. The Biocote technology present in the purifier prevents the growth of microbial organisms on the purifier’s surface.

The above list of water purifiers is arranged in ascending order of their monetary values so that buyers can have a glance at the products based on their needs and pocket pinch. Water purifiers have become an integral part of the day to day lives of human beings. This product is the ultimate means of ensuring a safe and healthy life.

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