How To Pack Food In An Ice Cooler ?

How To Pack Food In An Ice Cooler?

Camping cooler is a great accessory to have when you are planning to go out. A camping Ice cooler will keep your food edible and beverages cold no matter how long you are planning to go out. The way you are packing your food can impact the quality of food. Here are some tips on how to pack your food properly to keep it secure and edible for several days.

How To Pack Food In An Ice Coole

Pre cools Your Cooler

Having a cold cooler means keeping your food secure and edible for long. So, it is important to pre-cool your cooler before leaving out. If you have kept your cooler in any place like an attic where the rays of the sun fall on it, bring it inside the home and put a package of ice cube inside it to let it cool down. Make sure to do this a night before leaving. Doing this will bring down the temperature of cooler and it will start keeping your food and beverage cold.

Freeze Your Food & Beverages

To make the most out of your cooler and to keep food and beverages for a long period, make sure to freeze your food and other stuff before stepping outside of your home. Chilled items will keep cool for longer days. So, while packing the cooler, make sure that the contents you are loading inside the cooler are chilled and frozen. Doing this will contribute to improving the cooling performance of cooler. No matter whether its water bottle or your meat, pack them frozen. In fact, the frozen water bottle will save a bit of your money as well.

Put The Coldest Food Below

While you are packing the cooler, it is advised to keep the food below which you want to stay the coldest and the longest. Foodstuff like meat, veggies, frozen fruits should be placed at the bottom. This is done to prevent air affecting these foodstuffs while you open the cooler.

Put The Coldest Food Below 

Fill all the gaps

Once you have packed all the items in your cooler, make sure that there is no gap inside the ice chest. If you find any gap inside the cooler, immediately fill the gap using ice cubes. A Tightly packed cooler will not melt quickly as compared to a cooler where there are a bunch of gaps inside it.

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Avoid Frequent Opening Of Cooler

The frequent opening of a cooler will draw the hot air inside the cooler, which will, meltdown the ice to turn into water. No matter how chilled your beverages are, once the hot air enters inside the cooler, they will no longer be chilled. So, avoid the frequent opening of cooler to keep your food and beverages longer. Open it when you actually need to take some food or drink. Also, tell your children not to open it again and again.

Avoid Placing it in on-ground

During the summer season, the ground also gets hot. So, make sure that you don’t place your cooler on any spot which is quite hot since the contents inside the ice chest will also come in direct contact with the ground. As a result, the ice inside the chest will melt away quickly and the beverages will no longer be chilled to serve you. So, make sure to place it where the rays of the sun don’t reach. If you are travelling by car, you can put it on a seat instead of putting it below. Today’s best coolers come with non-base contact features which means they are a bit elevated from the ground which makes them an ideal choice to use. So, read the reviews of the best coolers to know how they are designed and how they perform.

Carry Two Different Coolers

Well, if you have enough space with you, it is a good idea to carry two separate coolers for food and beverages. While keeping bottles in a cooler, they might take up huge space and when you are carrying only one cooler with you, you will run short on space and eventually, food. On the other hand, when you have two coolers to utilize, you don’t have to worry about running short on food since one cooler is dedicated to storing food only and the second one is dedicated to beverages.

Carry Two Different Coolers 

Put Blanket On The Top Of Cooler

Well, putting a blanket or towel at the top of the cooler will keep the items inside the cooler chilled. Putting a towel at the top will obstruct the entry of air or rays of the sun and they can’t impact the cooling performance. Also, make sure to open enough lid to bring the food and close it once you have taken food from the cooler. Putting or covering a cooler will towel can really do wonders and helps to keep the food chilled.

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