Which wallet is allowing the citizens of India to Buy Pizza, Ice-cream, And Coffee?

Which wallet is allowing the citizens of India to Buy Pizza, Ice-cream, And Coffee

As we know that India is considered to be one of the developing nations in the world. Now India is growing at a speedy rate. There is an increase in modernization in society day by day. This is the best thing about India. Even if we talk about the cryptocurrency, which is the most burning and used platform for investment purposes, is being used in India by every second citizen, this is the step towards digitalization.

According to the recent news, it has been heard that the oldest wallet of the cryptocurrency will be allowing Indians to buy pizzas, coffee, and ice-cream.

How would people be able to buy these items with Bitcoin?

This is very big news and may take some time for the implementation as in India the crypto is not completely legalized, so this might take some time, but this would be the best way of buying the things from the market as this could be a kind of new experience for the people of India. Bitcoin as a mode of payment is still not allowed in the offline mode. If you want to know more about bitcoin, then visit here .

There is the old wallet which is known as the Unocoin. This wallet is very old. And according to the news that came on August 6, it said that this wallet would allow the users to buy some vouchers from it, and then they can easily buy some times from those vouchers. The amount of the vouchers against bitcoin would be from rs100 and rs5000. 

When this scheme is implemented, the people using the application will get the option of the ‘shop’ in it. There will be different categories of restaurants from where a person can easily buy anything by replacing the voucher with the required amount in place of the cryptocurrency. This is just like that earned from the cryptocurrency, and the earned money can be used as a treat.

Who can buy the vouchers?

There is a limitation on buying the vouchers from the application; the limitation is that the person will only be able to buy the vouchers only if he is using the application unocoin along with that if he is verified on this application or his KYC is done, then only he would be able to do the transactions of the vouchers.

This is not the first company that is allowing its customers to buy the vouchers in place of cryptocurrencies. Some time ago, there was another company that was also offering the same thing; its name was zebpay; this application was in collaboration with Flipkart.

Increased value of the application

After such announcement of exchanging vouchers with the cryptocurrencies, there had come forward many companies and agencies who have raised funds for the unocoin. The funds are majorly raised by CoinDCX and some other companies like Facebook etc.

This is a great step towards the modernization of India; be one of the most achievable websites that have started the initiative of the mode of payments in India. This is just the start; now, there will be more good things like this going to be done.

Even this news may lead to creating awareness among the people. This news can make more citizens be aware of the crypto news, and they will be investing in cryptocurrencies and will be earning great profits. Not even by investing in it, but once they get aware, they will come to know about the benefits of the cryptocurrency, and they will start doing crypto mining and get self-employed as the crypto mining process gives its users the rewards in the form of the same crypto which has been mined. This reward is known as crypto mining.


This news of the pizzas and ice cream will attract more and more people as they have more craze in eating than in getting the ideas. Apart from all the things, the company had taken a great initiative towards the citizens of India and why they should care about bitcoin. The voucher is just a starting, but later on, with time, there would be many offline stores where the payment can be done in the form of bitcoins. So, at that time, our country would be considered to be the most developed country.

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