How is PERT in Project Management calculated?

How is PERT in Project Management calculated

PMP certification Pune is all about releasing the right kind of techniques and tools in the industry so that people can indulge inaccurate decision making. One such great tool is the PERT chart that will be a network diagram and can be perfectly used in the whole world to represent the timeline of the project. This particular tool will always allow the project managers to estimate the duration of the project depending upon the analysis of the task sequence in the whole area. PERT can be perfectly used by the concerned people to create realistic schedules by perfectly coordinating the activities and estimating the duration by assigning three times estimates for every activity which will be optimistic, most likely and pessimistic in the whole process.

 All these kinds of charts are very much powerful whenever they will be combined with the online project scheduling software so that analysis becomes simple and every update can be easily provided in real-time without any kind of issue.

How to calculate the PERT chart?

Before creating the comparative chart it is very much advisable for the people to have a clear-cut idea about the project duration with the help of proper technique. This particular chart will depend upon the weighted average of the three numbers which will be based upon the most pessimistic, most optimistic and the most likely estimates for the length of the project.

  1. Optimistic time is the least amount of time to accomplish a particular task or activity.
  2. Pessimistic time is the maximum amount of time to accomplish a task or activity and this will be the worst-case scenario if anything goes wrong.
  3. The best estimate of how long the product will take to get accomplished the task or activity assuming that there will be no problem will be the most likely time
  4. The best estimate of how long it will take to accomplish the overall task or activity will be the expected time and this will be the most realistic duration in the whole process.

Once people have a proper idea about all the above-mentioned points then they can very easily implement the formula of:

 O +4 into M + P/6

O is the most optimistic time, P is the most pessimistic time, M is the most likely time and it is the estimated time

The standard division for the PERT chart will be P – O/6 and being clear about this particular point is very much important in the whole process to indulge inaccurate calculations at every step.

Hence, it is very much more and for the people to be clear about this particular aspect so that there is no hassle at any point in time and people can implement the things very easily and effectively. Having proper access to the right kind of chat will always make sure that people will be able to track things very easily and simplify the complex calculations so that everything will be based upon genuine estimates. Hence, PERT in project management is a very important tool that should be mastered by every concerned individual in the world of PMP.

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