Website Design or Sales via Instagram and Telegram?

Website Design or Sales via Instagram and Telegram


Starting an Internet business is one of the jobs that many people are nowadays interested in. But how to set up your store and sell your products is a matter of debate. Some people believe that Instagram as a popular social network is the best place to start a business and sell products. But some also consider the e-shop to be just a sales website and prefer online sales through the website.


In this article, we are going to describe the features and disadvantages of Instagram social networking and websites as a platform for online business.

Business on Instagram:

Instagram is a popular social network in Iran that has about 5 million Iranian users. Using this social network is completely free and can share up to 5 minutes of videos and pictures. Some believe that since we are dealing with the $ 2m community on Instagram and using Instagram has no restrictions and is completely free so it is the best place to start a business.

Sales on Instagram Page

Benefits of selling on Instagram:

Being Free:

Instagram is completely free and has no restrictions on its use. You can create and post an unlimited number of pages. You do not need to buy installs or domain for Instagram and upload a certain number of photos and videos because all of these features are available free of charge.

No training required:

Anyone who has only ever been a part of the smartphone for a short while and will be familiar with it will easily and instantly get the hang of working with Instagram. Posting, liking, commenting, and so forth are all things that can be easily learned and do not require special training.

Extended target community:

If you can market well for a paid page and know the way to earn money from Instagram, you can expose yourself to many different tastes. As mentioned, some 3 million Iranians use Instagram. To get a better view, we need to increase the number of our posts, likes, and views.

Live Video:

Live video is actually a live Instagram tool great for communicating and presenting products to customers. You’ll have to pay to launch this feature on websites if you have a very good quality Instagram account for free.

Disadvantages of selling on Instagram:

Risk of Instagram filtering:

One of the most important problems in Iran regarding Instagram is filtering. There is no guarantee that your page will be up and running in a few days. Your business may have a good boom, but the page is generally filtered and all your hard work is lost.

Page hacking on Instagram

Hacking is one of the most common problems that occur especially for celebrities on this social network. You may have repeatedly hacked different pages. The page may be fully recovered after the hack and all your posts may be lost if returned. So, in general, the risk of hacking is especially high for successful people by competitors and it is possible at any time.

Not categorizing products on Instagram

Keep in mind that you are going to sell several different types of products; there is no way to separate and classify products on Instagram and you have to put all products in a special way on your page. This will make it very difficult to find a product. For those who have too many products to sell, this lack of categorization makes more sense, and the customer has to scroll up and down the page to find a specific product to find the product they want.

Failed to update the price on Instagram

Updating products such as price and inventory counts is one of the most important tasks in an online store. You need to spend a lot of time updating and editing products or posts on Instagram, so if you have 2 products on your page and want to check and change the pricing and inventory of each product on a daily basis, you have to spend several hours a day Waste your time for this.

Not having a payment gateway on Instagram

Instagram has no online payment capability and you have to give your customer account number directly and wait for the deposit to sell any product. At best, you may also link him to a payment gateway through a direct link, which may not be as easy as the customer will trust.


Robots on Instagram are just as annoying as insects. As soon as you build a page, different robots will find you and give irrelevant comments on your posts and advertise in private. Robots can sometimes lead to spam being recognized as a spam page, and Instagram will consider harsh penalties for a known spam page.

Lack of information and statistics:

One of the major disadvantages of social networks such as Instagram is that it cannot be visited, sales statistics, inventory and even the price of up-to-date information and cannot be used for long-term information.

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Online Store Business:

Another way to set up an online store and sell products is to use the site as an online store. It used to be a very expensive and time consuming business store website a long time ago, but nowadays due to the variety of web site builders and platforms, it can be started in a very short time with minimal cost. Now it’s time to consider the advantages and disadvantages of shopping sites.

Build an online store for selling merchandise

Build an online store for selling merchandise

The Benefits of Starting an Online Store

Product Category:

Having a store website can easily categorize and separate products. This makes the shopping process much easier for the customer and can also search for the desired product in the shortest possible time and make a purchase if desired.


Security can be understood in two ways by having a store site. Firstly, the site is much more robust in terms of hacking and securing information than on Instagram, and techniques can be used to increase the security of the site against hacking. Secondly, security can be understood in terms of business security and job security. While Instagram may ruin your business at any moment for various reasons, there is more security on the margin site and you can count on that revenue.


A store site can find out that it is valid and can be purchased easily and safely by using licenses such as the customer trust icon. If you don’t have that capability on your Instagram pages, you can’t easily create a sense of trust in the customer.

Ability to upgrade:

Instagram has no specific written rules to enhance virtuosity, likes, and overall progress, and various people have gained experience. However, there are almost certain rules on sites such as SEO and SEO, speeding up visits and more that can lead to more sales and revenue.

Easy payment:

The ability to connect directly to bank accounts with the store name and store details as well as instantly sell post-paid downloads are among the things that can only be achieved using one store site and are not available on Instagram.

Product Management:

Managing and editing products on a store site is not comparable to Instagram. You can easily set inventory for products and deduct the inventory immediately after purchasing it. Increasing prices and editing product content can also be done easily on sites and will not take much time from the seller.

Barriers to Internet Launch:

Have costs

You have to pay to set up an online store on the web platform. You may be able to use the free site makers, but you should at least buy a domain and host for your store and pay them. However, using Instagram is completely free. Keep in mind that the cost paid is insignificant compared to the features a store site offers.

Late Returns

It is definitely going to be a bit more time consuming to set up a store site than Instagram and make money. On Instagram, you can create a page within 5 minutes and import your products and with a few ads, you may be able to register your first sale. But setting up a store site is not the last step, and you should be able to monetize it later by producing content and getting to know your customers.


Now, considering these advantages and disadvantages for Instagram and the site as an online business platform, which one should you choose as your business location?

These two tools alone have drawbacks and disadvantages that can simultaneously cover each other’s disadvantages to a large extent.

You should start by setting up your own web store on your website and launching your Instagram page after a while. Using Instagram and its many users, you should be able to tell your customers about your store and take advantage of its great features like life and IGTV.

Not only Instagram but all social networks should be the place to identify your business and ultimately introduce the site. Then try to attract users through social networking through competitions, different discounts, product introductions, and so on to the site of the store and ultimately the product purchase.

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