Travelling to Sydney Post the Pandemic

Travelling to Sydney Post the Pandemic

The Pandemic has us all stuck in our homes and confined us to our towns and cities for almost a year now. Most of us had to forfeit our business and pleasure trips both to many countries. Some of us were even forced to return, whether we were on a personal retreat, official work or even medical facilities such as hospitals or wellness institutions such as Sydney Detox and Rehab. Thankfully the borders are opening up and countries are now dropping restrictions and it’s time to move to the places we wanted to see and get back into work mode.

Traveling to Sydney

Sydney has been recovering from Covid 19 faster than most economies. The government in NSW under the able leadership of Gladys Berejiklian has been putting the state under constant supervision and imposing strict Covid Restrictions thanks to which the community and cluster transmission has reached low numbers making many social activities possible.

For tourists with Post-study work permits and visas, a mandatory Covid Negative result is required along with a government-regulated amount of time in strict quarantine. Those who are visiting for pleasure have more relaxed rules but only with a negative test result. Social and group activities are now slowly starting up and more and more people are opening up their places. Although the social distancing, compulsory masking and hand washing/sanitizing rule are strictly practiced in most places, tourists are advised to maintain these rules with vigilance for their own as well as to avoid any transmission to and from locals.

Tourism Spots that have Opened

While many places have opened up, there are some that are open to more visitors than the rest. Below is the list of tourism that is encouraged by Sydney –

1. Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has dwindled down for the past year owing to Covid 19 but there are some avenues that are open to taking in patients. For example, medical students and interns are encouraged to practice and volunteer post Covid tests and certified to work in NSW. Facilities such as mental health and Sydney Detox and Rehab are considering taking in patients after a regularised and scrutiny of inpatients for Covid tests.

2. Post study Work Permits for core areas

Those who have acquired permits to work in Australia for core areas such as medicine, engineering and students of various disciplines are slowly opening up and will soon be able to travel to Sydney based on their work permits and the institutions willing to back the paperwork up. As always, Covid tests and compulsory quarantine is mandatory before they join for their work.

3. Tourists

Tourism is also starting to open up as most places are encouraging travel within Australia and from select few countries. Travel for pleasure is still in the works so as to bring the Covid situation in control. But there are some private retreats and resorts that offer a relaxed holiday for tourists. All these places do require a negative Covid test and a compulsory quarantine before arriving in NSW and Sydney.

These are some of the tourism that is slowly starting to open up post Covid and in the new year with great precautions and care from the state government. The tourists are however still advised to wait for the situation to be safer before planning to travel.

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