The Textsheet Alternative-Textsheet was one of the renowned Research Platform Portals that used to provide the correct answers to questions from schools and universities sought by students. It assisted the students with their classes, school mates, and tasks. Sadly, it is no longer accessible thanks to a DMCA warning from Chegg and that is only tragic news for a number of students.  


   When you are looking for the best text sheet sites? Therefor you. Several choices are accessible on the internet as alternatives to the text sheet. Part of the similar sites is cost-free. Here you can search or get answers to your homework and tasks free of charge on their websites.


  1. Sladder
  2. Studylib
  3. Chegg
  4. Course Hero
  5. PaperHelp


Slader is an independent platform, supported by millions of students and tutors from around the world who volunteer and publish articles.Slader is used by the millions of students to overcome their problems. Here you can find step-by-step solutions to your problem through thousands of textbooks. It offers homework options for a broad variety of subjects that involve, though not limited to, mathematics, technology, law, economics, engineering, music, arts, etc.

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Nowadays, millions of students use slader to solve their problems. Here you can find step-by-step solutions for your question and answer across thousands of textbooks.It offers homework options for a broad variety of subjects that involve, though not limited to, mathematics, technology, law, economics , engineering, music , arts, etc.

The site offers an explanation for several topics in the textbook.


  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Precalculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Algebra 2 etc…


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Organic Chemistry etc..


  • Spanish
  • US History
  • World History


  • Cost-free
  • Has full solutions to any subject
  • Active Site with search feature
  • The paid version has no ads


  • The free version has ads

2. Studylib:

StudyLib is one of the best Textsheet alternatives. This also provides the pupils and tutors around the globe with various forms of solved problems and homework. The StudyLib is one of the best outlets for seeking answers to your homework but is less structured than Slader.Due to the various capacities and highlights it provides, this platform is a great choice for TextSheet. You should find answers for the majority of the important school subjects out there without even a bit of a break. So, you will complete your class assignments without a lot of stretch and finish your homework on the schedule.      

When you sign up on the StydyLib page you will add various forms of file, fixes, and other materials. The app is free to access, and the inclusion of songs in the playlist is as easy as this.This website helps you to comment about all kinds of topics such as Foreign Language, Math, Science , Social Science, Industry, Engineering & Technology, Arts & Humanities, Culture, Miscellaneous.


  • Free of charge
  •  This covers almost every issue
  •  Intelligent Search Function Page
  • You should create a text yourselfDownload function available
  • Download function available


  • Login Must be Required

3. Chegg:

Chegg has a lot of things to sell everywhere in the book store we go to a small number of prices. Will they sell rental of books, online classes, research, of course, all day long, ordinary support, etc.? The text sheet answers developer known as Sultron and several other pages suffered a DMCA takedown because it imitated text sheet Chegg’s answers. I ignore adding one of the site’s main functions, Problem Solver. It offers you a tiny description of nearly any question at a time. A most unusual twist to this platform is that you will use it to reach masters.


  • Question on mathematics solver
  • Purchase, Book of Rent
  • Write the review analysis articles
  • Offline Classes
  • Tutor Good


  • It is a job charged
  • Subscription Weekly

4.Course Hero:

Course Hero is one of the alternatives to the text sheet that has more than 30 million study-specific tools. The research services are often provided by the students, the tutors, and the educator’s group. Course Hero is an online learning process where you can access to over 30 million course-express review tools provided by an understudy and instructor program. You’ll find specific questions, research guides, chronicles, class records, and a little bit of clarification at a time about each subject you’re talking about — from money-related views to grammar, science to history, Accounting research to mind, and everything at the heart. We’ll help you identify what you need easily so you can make major changes. Its another option to Textsheet.


  • Cost-free
  • This includes similar University courses
  • Is available academic articles
  • You should swap tasks with others
  • You get charged to share the data


  •  Overcrowded with bulk information

5. PaperHelp:

Simply apply your project or document request and they’ll give you a price that depends on the duration (words or pages), complexity and how rapidly you need it.In case you are in high school or pursuing a Ph.D., you have to draft your appraisal report paying no mind. This is helpful when drawing up academic papers. This platform even provides a study paper classification if you are inclined not to build your own. It needs a minor charge to write and send the research paper to your entrance, in this manner. Tops

We do have smartphone applications for both IOS and Android that should you need to go, you can apply your task criteria, monitor the progress and talk with help.


  • You should do your study articles
  • Active Distribution
  • Learn the review analysis articles
  • Your data is safeguarded


  • It is a paid service

Conclusion :

Sladder and Studlib are fantastic and safe alternatives to textsheets. Also Chegg is where you can hope to find most answers, or at least “experts,” as they say if your query is not addressed already.

Tools like Paper Aid will be useful in case you are sort of tired or are very busy completing your work on time. Also, let us know in the comments below whether you have some other free or paying text sheet options that you have used in the past or heard of.

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