HDFC Securities Limited:

HDFC Securities Limited is an investor of financial markets, and a affiliate of HDFC Bank, a private sector firm of India. It is one of India’s largest stock broking firms, and has been in business for 20 years. HDFC securities founded in 2000 and headquartered in Mumbai with branches across Indian cities and towns. In April 2000, HDFC shares began activities. It was a joint venture, initially, between HDFC Bank Limited, HDFC Limited, and Indocean eSecurities Holdings Limited.

HDFC securities are also a manufacturer of financial instruments, in addition to providing stock broking services. HDFC Bank purchased the shares of HDFC Ltd in 2006 and gained 4 percent more from Indocean securities in 2008. HDFC Safety is officially a division of HDFC Bank. As of 31 March 2020, the organization has 262 branches in 161 cities across the country and has several digital channels to allow its clients

HDFC securities are similar to financial commodity delivery. This is a part of both BSE and NSE companies. An HDFC security is well known for its comprehensive online trading portal offerings with professional traders.

HDFC Securities Review:

The HDFC Securities are the financial markets in India, and the stockbroking firm offers facilities to the brokers. Features an electronic exchange platform for real-time securities, IPOs, equity shares, future and futures, and regional pension schemes, NRI trades, currency swaps, investments, and fixed deposits and debt. The business also issues mortgage loans, personal loans, equity loans, and car loans. HDFC Securities is a stock exchange firm of the HDFC Bank. Online phone trading, HDFC securities trading login and HDFC net banking available. They are one of India’s largest online trading platforms.

HDFC Securities Login:

HDFC Securities is one of India’s largest stockbroking firms and an affiliate of the renowned private-sector firm HDFC Bank.

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It is very remarkable in terms of the facilities and goods offered. You’ll be able to login and exchange with HDFC Securities in a way that has the best help of modern technology. HDFC Securities Device Authentication is the secret to take advantage of all the value the business has to sell. Keep up with the article to learn how to sign in to each site.

Last 5 Years Performance of HDFC Securities (Fig. in Crores)

YearTotal IncomePATDividend Per Share

Unlisted Zone Review (FY19-20):

  1. CAGR growth of 21% in Revenue in the last 5 years.
  2. CAGR growth of 30% in PAT in the last 5 years.
  3. The Current valuation (at Rs. 7500), it is available at P/E of 30.49.
  4. The Organization had announced an interim dividend of Rs 135 per share                 and charged it for that year. This turns into a dividend yield of 2 per cent.

Why HDFC Securities:

  • HDFC shares trading account is India’s biggest deal for institutional capital market customers, a special 3 in1 electronic trading platform that involves HDFC bank saving plan.
  • You will manage our own demat and bank accounts rather than transferring capital to a dealer pool when dealing with HDFC securities.
  • E-Broking house with customers
  • Equity, IPO Mutual funds, F&O and Currency derivatives trading facility.
  • Connect resources including partnership consultant, suggestions and feedback, professional analysis, training and schooling.


  • Experience 9/10
  • Star Rating 4/5
  • Customer reviews 4457
  • Trading Platform 6/10

Promoters and Management:

Mr. Bharat D Shah-Mr. Shah is the Chairman of HDFC Securities Limited, 3 M India Limited, and Exide Industries Limited. He has been with HDFC Bank since its establishment and played a key role in the Bank ‘s growth. In December 1994, he entered HDFC Bank as its Executive Director.

Mr Dhiraj Relli-Since 2008, Mr Relli has been a part of the HDFC team. He has worked as Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Branch Banking at HDFC Bank, where his influence range stretched to more than 800 branches through numerous geographies. Previous to this, he worked with Centurion Bank of Punjab as Country Head-Branch Banking. In 2015, he was appointed CEO of HDFC Securities.

Key Features:

  • When you want to purchase and keep the stock for the long term, you should use the cash option
  • You must have the full transaction value in your account, including the brokerage and other charges, before placing an order
  • Shares will be added to your demat account on T+2 day after effective execution of the transaction (T is the date of execution of the contract)
  • You will even offer the product in the short term, if the target stock sale price is reached.
  • Not restricted to buy / sell stocks by time limit.
  • It’s beneficial to customers in the mid and long term.
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