How To Rotate A PDF File: Step By Step Guide

PDF tools, websites, and software are essential for one to have, mainly when dealing with a lot of PDF files every day. PDF tools make it possible to view, edit, and merge PDF files instantly. If you have the right PDF tool to help you, you can also convert, extract, and rotate PDF files, just like how you want it.

Rotating PDF files can be a handful, especially a file that has a lot of pages. However, all you need to do is to find the right tool to help you. While there are hundreds of PDF tools that you can find online, some PDF tools and websites lack features for all your PDF needs. If you’re looking for a PDF website that has it all, you should check out PDFbear. 

How to rotate PDF files using PDFbear

PDFbear is one of the most comfortable and most convenient PDF tools you can apply online. Whether you want to convert a PDF file, extract some pages, or rotate pdf files, PDFbear has the best tools and features to help you with your PDF dilemmas. 

When rotating a PDF file in PDFbear, all you need is four steps. First, choose the PDF file that you wish to switch. You may upload it from your computer or your cloud storage. Easily drag and drop the data from your folder to the website, and PDFbear will handle it from there.

Next, once the file has been uploaded on the site, a circular arrow will appear. This tool will allow you to rotate your PDF files. Click the circular icon and then turn it around until you locate your preferred angle. 

When you are happy with the angle, click “Apply,” and the PDF file will be temporarily saved. You can hit download, and the data will be downloaded the way you rotated it. Once the rotation and download are done, you can now proceed and download the PDFs on your computer or storage cloud. You can also send it via email.

Why choose PDFbear?

Aside from rotating your PDF files, PDFbear has tons of features and tools that you can use for all your PDF file problems. If you need to convert a PDF file into a different file format, PDFbear can do the conversion for you. Also, PDFbear lets you extract PDF pages, view, edit, and merge them in one PDF file. It offers tons of file formats, such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, JPG, TXT, and more. 

No need for installations

Rotate PDF files without having to worry about installations. You can access PDFbear’s website and use all the tools and features for your PDF needs. Whether you are rotating one page or more, PDFbear can accommodate PDF rotations instantly. 

Secured and safe

One best thing about PDFbear is its best security system. Once you have uploaded your files, rotated them, and downloaded it back to your computer or cloud storage, the site will automatically remove your files in 60 minutes. PDFbear gives importance to its users’ private data. 

Accessible 24/7

The website is available anytime and anywhere, whether you are using a Mac, Windows, or Linux device. The PDF editor will do PDF rotations with 100% convenience. You can access the site with the use of your browser. 

Easy rotation

The rotation tool is easy to use and navigate. You can easily angle your PDF document in your preference, and you also have the option to angle it permanently. Rotate the PDF files and then download them directly. No hassle! No other software is needed for you to access because PDFbear has everything you need. 

All changes are saved

When you rotate the PDF file on the site, all changes applied will be automatically saved in the website’s cloud. All actions performed on the file, whether you are editing, rotating, or merging, PDFbear will keep all the changes remembered so it won’t be hard for you to undo.


Rotate your PDF files in the quickest way possible with PDFbear. With just a few clicks, you will have your PDF files at your preferred angle. The site offers an easy solution to all your PDF dilemmas, and rotating documents are only one of the few great things. 

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