Get an employment card to make the job search easier

Get an employment card to make the job search easier

An employment card is a card enabling job searchers to get information about the different vacant positions available in a location. However, to get an employment card, citizens need to head to the nearest Employment Exchange Agency and register themselves.

While the card may not guarantee the person a job, it provides information about the availability of different private, government, and semi-government jobs as and when they open up. To be hired by all government organisations, individuals need to possess an employment card.

Registering yourself for an employment card

Individuals looking to register themselves can visit the official website or the nearest Employment Exchange Organisation or designated District Employment Exchange. Before filling the form, candidates should ensure that they fulfil the required eligibility criteria to register themselves. There may be a few pre-registering guidance talks that individuals have to sit through. These vary from state to state.

Registration for an individual and an organization would be slightly different. Once the necessary details are filled in the application form, the individual will have to make sure all necessary documents are attached before submitting the application. This has to be done by going personally to the Employment Exchange with the necessary documents within the given registration hours.

Candidates should keep a note of the acknowledgement number provided so they can track the progress of their application at any point in time. An official of the Employment Exchange will go through the form and supporting documents to verify them before handing over the Employment Exchange Card to the candidate.

Documents needed to apply

Every state has its own rules of application. However, the documents needed for the process of application are quite similar across the board. These include:

  • A valid residence certificate showing 15 years of residency
  • Educational qualification certificates
  • Three passport size photographs

Apart from these, if applicable, the applicant should also provide:

  • Marriage and caste certificate
  • Experience certificate
  • Disability certificate
  • Freedom fighter and unemployment certificate

If the applicant is a sports person, they should submit a form that will enable them to register as a sportsperson. If the applicant has not resided in the state for 15 years, a residence certificate of either the spouse or the parents can be provided.

Advantages of having an employment card

Registering with the employment exchange and getting an employment card comes with several benefits.

  • The registered candidate is constantly notified about vacancies that suit their age, qualification, skills, category, etc.
  • In many cases, candidates are given access to sponsored pieces of training or coaching that is provided by the government under various schemes.
  • Career guidance talks on career options and other such vocational guidance workshops may also be provided for individuals registered with the organisation.
  • Job seekers are provided guidance about different avenues of self-employment in case they wish to choose that path.
  • Most importantly, the candidate is part of the Employment Exchange system and will be better suited to find a suitable job.
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