Prank Apps of 2020

Prank Apps of 2020

Prank Apps of 2020

Ownage Pranks

If you’re a fan of prank calling then at some point or another you’ve probably encountered the OwnagePranks youtube channel. Like the show where every prank is scripted purposefully to get the desired effect, their app follows suit.

Packed with over 100 prerecorded calls containing different prank scripts, a user can prank call their friends by selecting one from the large selection in the app. Prank Scripts offer something unique every time- An automated call bombarding you with cat facts or an angry uber driver who arrived too early.

Scripts are very well written with voice acting also being top-notch, this is no surprise as pre-recordings are predominantly voiced by Russel Johnson-the face of the series.

As pranks are automated, you’ll quickly notice that a prerecording is practically indistinguishable from a real person. While this is partly due to how scripts are written, it’s their ‘Speech Recognition Technology’ Ai that makes conversations feel authentic. The apps AI can quickly analyze keywords during a phone call and even detect silence; resulting in prerecordings responding at the most appropriate times.

Main Features

  • A diverse selection of prerecording calls contain hilarious prank scripts
  • Calls are automatically recorded so you can listen again and share with friends
  • Receive one free credit daily to prank others continually

Ghost Lens – Clone & Ghost Photo Video Editor

Ever wanted to create a paranormal video but lacked the technical know-how to do so? Ghost Lens quickly resolves this issue, so you alter your pictures and videos without having any prior experience using photoshop.

Extremely easy to use the app’s inbuilt picture and video editor uses a split camera to make a clone of your body, giving the illusion of a ghost. Great for fooling friends and anyone who takes the paranormal a bit too seriously, its easy to use features makes this suitable for all ages.

Editing features include several filters which can be applied to your clone, some of these involve fading it in and out and making it float on air. For videos, the app can support a maximum duration of 60 seconds.

Further alterations which aren’t so scary can also be included, such as putting stickers on your clone or including music in the background.

Main Features

  • Clone a ghost or clone of yourself in video & photo.
  • Easy to use Video Editor & Photo Editor, numerous filters available
  • Trim and arrange clips on video

Scare Your Friends- JOKE!

If attempting to spook friends with paranormal videos and ghostly pictures isn’t working then maybe it’s time to try the classic jump-scare prank.

This prankster app is perfect for creating some wild panicky reasons in everyday scenarios. All you’ll need to do is lend your phone to a friend; this can be achieved subtly by asking them to watch a youtube video, for example.

Coming with a gallery displaying a wide array of scary pictures with accompanying sounds you’ll need to choose one before the prank begins, some of these pictures include Angry rat, Clown and Fat Clown.

Afterwards select the appropriate time interval you wish to have before the prank begins- 15 seconds, 30 seconds etc.

Once your friend receives the phone, shortly after the time interval expires the picture and sound will pop up into the screen, regardless of what app they were using at the time. Jumpscare pranks work even better in quiet areas like a public library, increasing the prank’s intensity.

Main Features

  • Large selection of scary pictures and sounds
  • Time intervals included allowing sufficient time when lending your phone to a friend

Who’s Calling Fake Caller

Ziaurehman Amini

If you need a foolproof method of getting out of tedious everyday scenarios, then ‘Who’s Calling Fake Caller’ is precisely what you need.

Whether you’re stuck on an awkward date or party where you’re expected to stay this fake calling app lets you schedule an incoming call, giving you a valid reason to leave.

Users can organize a call immediately, and then proceed to have an imaginary conversation over the phone. If this sounds awkward to you, the app lets you alternatively record an audio file to engage with during phone calls, allowing conversations to be scripted and flow naturally.

As phone calls are fabricated any excuse you have to leave will be entirely up to you, and since an incoming call is unlikely to bat any eyelids your reason will appear genuine.

The fake callers provided can make for funny pranks in their own right. Fancy fooling your buddies you got a call from Barack Obama or Donald Trump? Fun caller options are available in their galleries, such as Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Boss and Grandma/Grandpa.

Main Features

  • Schedule an incoming call to yourself to create any prank scenario
  • Extremely effective for escaping boring situations
  • Large selection of fake caller personalities available
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