Organ Donation: A Noble Cause


You are a superhero. Wondering why? Because you have the ability to save 75 lives. The best part is, you don’t need to perform impossible tasks for this. You are ruining your superpowers if you don’t utilize it. And this power lies inside your body – your organs.

You can save 75 people through organ donation. Many people die every day at the top hospitals in Bangalore alone due to non-availability of organs for the required transplant. They can be saved by people like us through organ donation.

What is Organ Donation?

The transplantation of healthy organs and tissues from the donor’s body to the other in need is known as organ donation. Internal organs like liver, heart, pancreas, kidneys, intestines and many more can be transplanted.

Organ transplantation is often required in critical cases where medication can no longer treat the disease. End stage organ failures in the liver, heart, brain, etc and also in the final stages of cancer and tumors organ transplant is the only possible way to treat the patient.

Types of organ donations

Living donation

This is when a living person donates his organs or part of his organs and tissues to another person. Generally such transplantations are amongst the family members or close friends. In some rare cases, donations from strangers have also considered if the donor fulfills the medical requirements. Organs like kidney, liver, and tissues like bone marrow can be donated from a healthy person.

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Deceased donation

This is when required organs are transplanted from the donor after his death. For this, usually the person has to register as an organ donor when he is alive. In some cases, the organs of the dead people can be transplanted with the permission of their family. Organs like heart, eyes, brain, pancreas, lungs, intestines, bones, kidneys, heart valves, and more can be donated.

Donations from Brain Dead people

Often people assume brain death and coma to be synonymous with each other. But in reality, they are very different from each other. Coma patients are in deep unconsciousness. For such people, the brain continues to function and they can breathe on their own. But this is not the case in brain dead people. Their brain stops functioning and they cannot breathe on their own.

They are put on a ventilator for survival. Braindead people don’t have any scope for healing and coming back to normal life, whereas people in a coma still have a chance. Organ donations from brain dead people are considered with the permission of their families.

Here are a few reasons you should donate organs


This is the highest act of love and compassion. Saving lives even after your demise is beyond godliness. This is also the biggest and most effective contribution one can do to society. As this can be life-changing to a person and one whole family.

You can give a second chance to a person lying on death bed

“Around 110,000 people are lying on their deathbed waiting for a transplant,” doctors from the top hospitals in Bangalore revealed. Donating organs can give a second life to all these and many other people battling death.

Probably the only way to live after death

We have no idea what happens after death. But there is a chance your loved ones can still feel you after your demise.  Your heartbeat can still be heard by your family if you decide to donate it after your death. Your organs living in somebody else’s body increases their life span and provides comfort to your family to some extent.

High need for donors

In India, 500,000 people die every year due to the non-availability of organs. Thousands of people die every year waiting for organ transplants from live donors. Less than 1000 transplants from the dead donors are done each year. There is a high need for transplantation and very less availability. The donation of organs can be life-changing to those in need.

After death, our bodies would be decomposed in the soil, so is our ability to save people. It is always a better option to save the lives of people than to get your organs degraded in the soil. It is high time we all register ourselves as organ donors. You can live your life to the fullest and let others live after you die. What can be more satisfying than this? Let’s use our power to save people and be a true superhero. Let’s live and let live!