Medical Equipment You Must Have at Home

Medical Equipment You Must Have at Home

Australia is a country with a massive land area when compared to its current population. With Australia’s 7.692 million square kilometers of land area and 2018 population of 24.99 million, the country has a very low population density having only 3.2 people per square kilometer, with most of the settlements being concentrated on the coastal regions.  

Residents of Australia, especially along the coastal regions, have experienced drastic changes in weather systems. Hot days are getting hotter, which resulted in extreme heat, making Australia prone to bushfires.

The extreme climate change that Australia is experiencing has also led to an increase in the number of health problems among its residents. It is, therefore, important to have medical supplies and equipment stocked in your homes. Here are some of the basic medical items you can purchase at an australian medical supplies online store to keep in your home. 

  1. One of the most basic medical equipment to have in your home is the thermometer. A thermometer is important because it will let you determine the body temperatures of your household members.
  2. The normal body temperature will range from 36.1 to 37.2 degrees Celsius. When the body temperature reaches 38 degrees, then that person has a slight fever.
  3. Thermometers come in different two main types, namely: mercury thermometer and a digital thermometer.
  4. Your choice of the thermometer type will depend on your preference; however, make sure that you have one at home at all times.

Weighing Scale. A weighing scale is also an important medical equipment to have in your home, even if none of your household members are trying to lose weight. A weighing scale will let you know if you have an unwanted increase or decrease in weight, which may be a symptom of an underlying health issue. Sudden weight loss or gain is an indication that you have hormonal imbalances within your body, which you should address immediately. It is best to measure your body weight at regular intervals to assess your health. Likewise, if you are striving for a healthier lifestyle, choose a digital weighing scale that can measure your body fat as well. 

Air Purifier. High-quality air purifiers may be an expensive investment. However, making sure you are breathing air free of contaminants is much more important. When you have a household member who smokes, air purifiers will help prevent other family members from getting second-hand smoke-related issues. 

Blood Pressure Monitor. If your family has a history of hypertension, then having a blood pressure monitor at home is a must for you. You can purchase a blood pressure monitor from an australian medical supplies online store without a prescription. Newer models of blood pressure monitors are digital and are easy to use. Just place the strap on your arm, press a button, and the device will automatically perform the blood pressure check for you. 

Orthopedic Heat Belt. An orthopedic heat belt can help you relieve symptoms of muscle pain, spasms, or sprains. This medical device will be handy, especially if you have children and other active members in sports. Likewise, orthopedic heat belts can also help elderly family members relieve their joint pains. 

The above is a list of the five medical equipment that every home must-have. With these available to you at all times, you can easily monitor your health and give relief to common ailments such as muscle pains without having to go to the doctor.

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