Here we are going to make Jello shots from the three ingredients. Jello shots are simple to make, and anyone can make them. Jello shots are liquid, transparent jelly made from the three elements. They are Jell-O, alcohol like vodka, rum, and tequila. Jell-O is available in the store and chooses alcohol, which is convenient and transparent like vodka, rum, and tequila. Small plastic cups based on the shapes you prefer to make in the Jello shots.

Here are simple steps to make the Jello shots by using these three ingredients. You can make a parallel along with you by following these steps.


Take Ingredients and gather them

Buy Jell-O powder, which is available from the store. Choose the Jell-O powder based on the color and flavor you want to make jello shots. Bring the vodka or rum which is available in the store. Bring the plastic cup based on the shape you desire to create and jar, which is helpful to pour liquid into the plastic.

1. Cut Jell-O powder and mix it with water

Jell-O powder pack and pour the powder into the bowl. Boil the water and pour the boiling water into the bowl. Measure the bowl of the water and pour it into the powder bowl. Start mixing the powder and water. Do not stop mixing the water and powder, and it gets sticky. Mix a little bit or one spoon of the vodka into the mixture.


Mixing the alcohol-based on the quantity of mixture you can take in the bowl. Alcohol helps you jell to non-sticky and jell flabby in the cups. Mix the whiskey or vodka or rum-based on your preferences in the mixture. Mixing the alcohol along with water in the bowl. Pour the alcohol in the mix to cool the large bowl and start stirring the mixture in the bowl.

3. Pour into cups

Let it cool in the jar and pour it into the plastic after cooling down. Arrange the cups in the order and pour it very slowly in the cups. Jello mixture poured into glass shots or plastic cups. Both plastic or glass shots can be used to make jello shots. Pour them into glass shots, as shown in the image. Please place them in the refrigerator and let them cool for 4-6 hours. After that, pull them out and enjoy the jello shots.

4. Bounce Tip

You can make multi-color jello shots, and it is effortless to make them. Pour the mixture into the cup and stop the mix of one color, pour the other color mixture. Cool them in the refrigerator and enjoy them. You can make tricolor and multi-color in the mix and cool them. These are simple to make jello shots and share your experience below.

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