Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting in India

Dedicated Server Hosting in India

Servers are the pillars on which a website is built. There are all kinds of options when you are thinking of opting for a server. From the cheapest shared server options to the expensive dedicated servers, there are different tiers of servers that provide you with various advantages and disadvantages. Each of the servers has some unique aspects which make them appreciable for certain kinds of tasks. A dedicated server in India is one of the options wherein you are the only owner of all the hardware resources and thus the software applications.

In short, you are the owner of the entire server system when a dedicated server is concerned and only you can use its resources. No other party or organization can tap into your resources in any way, which also goes on to make the dedicated servers one of the safest options that you can go for.

This kind of plan is best for big business and established organizations or websites that are likely to handle a huge load of traffic from time to time.

5 Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting in India

When you go for a dedicated server you can get access to tons of advantages. Since you own the server hardware and software, it gives you an unparalleled ability for modification which is the root of all the advantages.

Your Resources Are Your Own

The very first advantage that you get when you start using a dedicated server is that your resources are your own. With a shared network, lots of users tap into the same hardware and thus there is a sharing of resources among users. This often leads to the unavailability of required resources when needed the most. With a dedicated server Hosting, there is never such a problem. You can have all the resources that you want and can upgrade them however you want.

Security Like Never Before

A dedicated server is the most secure of all the server options that you can ask for. There there are many reasons for this enhanced security feature. Firstly, you are the only user hooked on to the dedicated server. As there are no other users, chances of attracting trouble are much less. With a shared server plan, if any of the user’s security is compromised, the entire server is likely to get compromised.

Since there are no other users in a dedicated server, this chance is negligible. Also, when you are using a dedicated server, you can take all kinds of security measures that seem fit. There are various restrictions regarding the up-gradation and modification of the software running a shared server which is not prevalent for a dedicated server Hosting. With the latest upgrades, you can also get the latest security facilities thus giving your data a higher level of protection.

Configure as You Like

Since you own every aspect of a dedicated server, you can also configure each of these aspects as you like. With a shared network, you do not have any access to the hardware and thus it is entirely out of bounds. There are also various restrictions with the software in a shared network. In the case of a dedicated server, you are free to do everything. From upgrading to hardware to suit your requirements for changing the software applications you can do anything. You can even change the OS, upgrade it, modify it, and do whatever needs to be done.

High Scalability

A dedicated server has a very high degree of scalability. The scalability features determine the various hardware features such as RAM, storage, and so on. You can start with a lower-end plan and gradually increase such components as the load on your website increases. There is no restriction on the degree you can upgrade these features too.

A Unique IP Configuration

One of the most crucial things that you get when using a dedicated server is your very own IP address. All the users hooked on to a shared server share the same IP address. If any of these sites are involved in some malicious activity, the IP address is targeted and blacklisted, affecting all other users. But such a situation can be completely avoided with a dedicated server Hosting. You can put up any number of websites on your IP address and strictly monitor their actions.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Dedicated Server in India?

When you are going for a dedicated server, you are going for a huge investment. Going for just about any plan is not the right idea at all, neither is going for the cheapest available plan. You need to think carefully before choosing a plan and have to look for a few factors before you go for a plan.


The Random Access Memory or RAM is the part of your hardware that is reserved for all the functions. No information is stored in this segment but there are a steady inflow and outflow of information throughout the time the system is running. You need to carefully think of the RAM that you need to keep your website running at all times.


The storage device of your hardware stores all the information. The significance of this storage is very high. It is going to store the information that keeps your website running and also the information that your website collects. You can start with a small storage unit and upgrade it later on. You can choose between HDD or SSD, the latter being a much more efficient storage unit that also works faster. Also, read sbxhrl.


The efficiency of your CPU is determined by the number of cores available in it. The cores are the powerhouse of your CPU and are the brain that controls all your operations. Present technological innovation is such that you have to at least go for a 4 core system. There are higher options also available but that depends upon the degree of load you are likely to put on the CPU.


The Bandwidth of your system determines the amount of data that is likely to be transmitted to and from the system over a specific period. Higher bandwidth means faster data transfer. This ultimately means that your site will be fast loading and all the functions in your site will also be faster. Also, read Y2mate YouTube MP3 Converter.

Why Choose Serverwala for Dedicated Server Hosting in India?

Server Wala is a leading provider of various dedicated server hosting options. They have 5 strategically placed data centers that efficiently share the burden of all the users connected to their interface. They have been IN service since 2008 and has been producing high-end server options for a long time. They also have a team of experienced professionals who are available 24 x 7 for 365 days a year and are willing to cater to all your problems. With establishments in over 50 countries, the user base of Serverwala is 70,000 users strong and still growing. If you are looking forward to going for a reliable and affordable server plan that is going to benefit you in the long run, Serverwala should be your choice.


A dedicated server hosting is a terrific option that you can go for when you are thinking of going online with share your business story & venture. However, this is not the best option for static websites and even for small businesses or students thinking of creating a site. The dedicated servers offer high-end security and data protection features and should be chosen by such businesses that handle lots of customers and their data. 

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