In demand office-based careers which can be worked remotely

In demand office-based careers which can be worked remotely

There is a growing demand for job roles that can be worked remotely, whether it is on a hybrid basis or working entirely remotely. This is not only from businesses that have realized there are significant benefits to having employees working either part-time or full-time at home but also from the employees themselves.

Working either remotely or on a hybrid basis can save you a lot of wasted time sitting around while you are commuting backward and forward to the office. It is no secret that it can be physically and mentally draining especially if you have a long way to go, not to mention the money that you need to spend either on gas for your car or on public transport costs. Working from home also allows you to make use of your breaks properly – either to take the time to relax and cook good food or to take care of the odd house chore needed.

Virtual assistant

The role of a virtual assistant can be a demanding one depending on how many different businesses you are working for and how much they are wanting you to do. You will have to be super-organized and have really good office skills as you will not only be taking phone calls and answering emails but also carrying out a variety of different duties throughout your day.

Obviously, if you are working for just one large business you may have an even wider range of duties and be expected to work full-time, rather than working for several small businesses which will only require your assistance on a part-time basis but could add up to be almost full-time hours.

Information technology

There are many different areas within the IT department of any business, having a foothold in one area may give you a reason or a desire to change and grow your knowledge in another. This is fine as a lot of IT work does go hand in hand with each other and there are natural progressions that you can take. For instance, moving from general IT to focusing more on cyber security is a particularly good move to make. Cyber security operatives are in high demand, and it is a career that will always be there, is continually growing, and is going to be challenging from day one.

If you are looking to go more towards the challenging end of cyber security you will need one of the best cyber security certifications that you can get, in order to be able to go for the best and most interesting job roles you can.

Content writer or staff writer

The demand for content writers for business websites, social media, and other online (as well as offline) literature is growing too. This can be an excellent job role, especially if you have skills, qualifications, or experience within the field that you are writing. This style of job role can be with just one business where you will be carrying out a multitude of different writing tasks or it could be carried out on a self-employed basis for many different businesses which can make it even more interesting.

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