7 Ways To Take Care Of Your Wine Decanter

7 Ways To Take Care Of Your Wine Decanter

A wine decanter helps add sophistication to your wine-drinking experience, making it easier to serve and enjoy fine wines, but unfortunately few people take the time to learn how to take care of their decanters, which can result in both unsightly stains and the loss of flavor from frequent use. If you own one or more wine decanter, pay attention to these seven ways to take care of your wine decanter, as well as the tips below, so that you can enjoy your decanter for years to come. For more information, head on to lechateauwinedecanter.com

7 Ways To Take Care Of Your Wine Decanter

1) Clean it with warm soapy water

Since you’re not going to be using your wine decanter frequently, it’s a good idea to clean it with warm soapy water. This will remove any particulates that could have settled in and make sure it is completely clean for its next use. Remember, on average, you should wash a wine decanter once every two months or so.

2) Rinse it with a lot of warm water

You can use a mild soap if you have a wine decanter that is sensitive to chemicals. The warm water will help wash away any dirt and grime from your wine decanter, removing any bacteria that could end up in your next glass of wine. It’s also a good idea to clean your wine decanter when you’re done using it for an extended period, like before storing it away in storage or on your bookshelf.

3) Let it drip dry in an open area

Wine decanters collect a lot of sediment in their base, which can affect how your wine tastes. Always let your decanter drip dry after you’ve rinsed it with water, and don’t fill it up over 90 percent full. This allows air to flow through. If you follow these two steps regularly, you’ll prevent harmful deposits from forming inside and creating an unpleasant flavor in your wine.

4) Avoid using chemical cleaners

If you want your decanter to last, you should avoid using chemical cleaners. The chemicals in these cleaners can leave a residue on your decanter that might alter how it works. Instead, use natural solutions like baking soda and water or vinegar and water as a substitute for chemical cleaners.

5) Do not put hot liquids into a cold carafe

Even though it can be tempting, avoid putting hot liquids into a cold carafe. This can cause cracking or chipping on your decanter. When pouring wine out of a decanter, always warm up your carafe first. You can do so by swirling hot water around it for 10-15 seconds before taking off its lid.

6) Leave an inch at the top when storing wine

When storing wine, it’s best to allow about an inch at the top for air so that it doesn’t turn. Be sure not to spill any wine and place a piece of plastic wrap over the mouth of your decanter so that dust doesn’t get into your bottle. As you can see, there are many considerations when storing wine. Learning how to take care of a decanter can help ensure your bottles stay fresh and ready for serving.

7) Store it in a cool dark place away from windows

When storing wine, it’s important to keep it in a cool dark place. Sunlight and heat can break down a wine pretty quickly, causing oxidation and altering its flavor. If you don’t have a special wine cellar (and even if you do), be sure your bottle is stored away from any windows or direct light sources. That goes for regular light bulbs too—it’s best not to store your bottles under bright overhead lights either.

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