Important SEO tips for beginners

Important SEO tips for beginners


Many things have changed in SEO. The requirement to be ranked as the best in the past is not the same as what is required now. Although many things have changed, it is very important to know that certain fundamental principles are still the same. A good example is the use of keywords. Using targeted keywords is no longer the only thing that is needed to improve your organic ranking. This doesn’t mean that keywords are not important as they help in improving organic ranking.

With so many techniques and requirements, it is becoming almost impossible to determine the important techniques and those that are not. It is advisable never to ignore any technique as what you may be ignoring may be what you need to be on top of your SEO game.

For anyone who would like to improve the monthly SEO packages2021 of their website, here are some of the tips to employ

Doing away with things that slow the page down

The first important thing that you should do is make sure that you are doing away with anything that may be slowing your page down. In the past, slow-loading pages managed to get ranked because search engines were not keen on it. Now, you cannot get away with a low-loading page. Search engines are now striving to make sure that website visitors are getting a great experience and value from the page. Waiting for a few minutes for a page to load is never a good experience. Slow-loading websites frustrate customers which is what search engines are trying to avoid.

Important SEO tips for beginners

With a slow loading page, clients will not only be frustrated but also discouraged from buying anything from you or even seeking your services. It has been found that a second delay can lead to over 7% loss. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that your page loads fast enough and if there is anything that slows it down, work on improving it or getting it removed.

Link to websites with relevant content

This is a tip that many people have been using for the best SEO ranking. Although many people think that linking other websites with relevant content will take people off their pages, the truth of the matter is that doing so will have you at the top of search engine ranking.

You should not just link your content to any site that comes your way but sites with high-quality content and your immediate competitors to be precise. Just make sure that you are linking your content to other trustworthy sites and sites that offer great value. This is a great SEO practice that should never be ignored at any cost. If possible, you can as well notify influencers when you link them and that can lead to them linking back as well. What you should understand about link building is that all thing is about quality and not the quantity of the linking.

You should write for humans

Many people are doing all they can to be relevant to search engines that they have forgotten to write for humans. Many are now writing for search engines and humans. You may be eager to get noticed by search engines and achieve a great monthly SEO packages ranking but it is very important to always know that humans come first.

It is wise of you to understand that search engines will only rank you and not buy your products. As much as you would want to appear at the top ranking, people may not forgive you for poor quality content and service. The scripts will not hut your products and they will not be your customers. Therefore, it is worth it to put in your mind that your customers are very important and that they should always come first.

You can only be successful in content marketing when you are putting your readers first. When you are passionate about people and helping them, you will automatically attract many to your site. This simply means that you should first write for users and search engines will come last. When you are writing for users, there is no doubt that you will write quality and useful content. You will be rewarded by search engines because they normally follow users. Writing for people first will also improve your user experience which will create a strong brand for your business.

Meta description

Another useful SEO tip is making sure that you are writing relevant Metal descriptions for your pages. Although this tip is very important, there are many people out there who still ignore it. A meta description is the first thing that people will see when they search for answers to their queries. When you are thinking about Meta description, you should know that SEO doesn’t appreciate duplicate content. You can site a sentence or a paragraph from other links or websites but that will not be of any good for your SEO ranking.

If you are used to duplicating content, you should be ready to experience poor ranking always. There is no way that you can become successful by making duplicate content your way of doing things. Besides, duplicate Meta descriptions can cause you a lot of destruction and trouble. You may not be penalized by Google but that is not providing a good user experience. When you are discovered, you will be penalized severely. Therefore, you must avoid duplicate content by all means.

Use readable and very simple URL

Another important new monthly SEO package stip is making sure that people can easily read and understand your URL. If humans cannot be able to read your URL, it simply means that SEO won’t be able to as well. Your URL may belong of importance is to make sure that the URL can easily be understood. A URL that doesn’t tell customers or page visitors what they should expect from the page will only make them shy away from your website.


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