How to get the most out of Pipedrive for Outreach

How to get the most out of Pipedrive for Outreach

There are so many ways to grow your business and outreach is one method is not to be overlooked. Outreach can allow businesses to find new leads, investment and partnership, but getting outreach right can be hard, especially when you’re chasing cold leads. However, Pipedrive is one the best systems for CRM and with it you can create solid outreach strategies that will help your sales team score more leads and turn cold contacts into revenue and growth.

Sync up your contacts

When you use multiple channels for CRM, marketing and email, it can become tough to track all of your contacts. A very easy solution is to sync up your contacts between apps. For example, you can sync Mailchimp and Pipedrive to build better cohesion between your contact lists by automatically updating your contacts’ information which will make outreach more effective by ensuring no one slips through the cracks.

Sales Pipelines

The sales pipeline feature by Pipedrive is great for those who work best with visual sales processes from lead to deal with success or failed deals. One of the most useful features this tool includes is the deal probability and rotting feature whereby you can add the probability of a contact becoming a successful deal and Pipedrive will notify you when a deal has sat idle for too long. So say you send out some outreach emails, you get two good responses and you add them to your sales pipeline. One closes straight away but the other has not been in contact with you since Pipedrive will notify you which will prompt you to either follow up or write that deal off. The sales pipeline will enable you to stay organised and build a better picture of where your time is better invested follow up.

Track Communication

For outreach to be effective, you need to be able to trace you who have spoken to and when in a clear and manageable way. Pipedrive allows users to create custom contact databases to track who you have contacted, plus when and where you contacted them. But it gets even better, with the contacts timeline tool, you can see all of your emails and calls with any specific contact, making it easier to know when and where is best to follow up with them.


When you’re conducting outreach there are plenty of tasks that are repetitive, automation can help you streamline those tasks by doing them for you. Say you need to send specific emails to specific groups of people, you can set a trigger to do that. With Pipedrive you can set custom automation triggers so you can focus on the heavier tasks.

Insights and Reports

Data is one of the most helpful tools you can have on your side when it comes to outreach. Pipedrive provides users with in-depth insights and turns them into nifty reports that your sales teams can use to build better outreach strategies. At the moment you can use their Deal and Revenue reporting system and pretty soon you’ll be able to use their activity Reports and Leads reports.

Here’s why you should use them for outreach:


If you’re looking for investment or a partner, revenue forecasting is really important to have at hand. Pipedrive produces its revenue reports with data on customer payments, giving you accurate numbers that can be put forward to your potential investors.


To move forward you need to look back at what has already been successful, the best way to do this is to investigate the deals won and lost over different sales cycles. This information can help you improve your outreach strategy so you get off the right start with customers every time.


Like deal reports, activity tracks patterns of success and failure. However, activity reports allow users to look at custom data of sales activities such as emails, demos, calls or events. Within this, you can look at what modes of outreach has worked best to produce better results in the future.


Ever wanted to know where your best leads come from? Lead reports track where your leads come from and which source converts the best leads. So if you conduct outreach via multiple channels such as email or chatbots, you can track which channel provides the best outreach results.

App Integrations

You can maximise your outreach tools by syncing and integrating Pipedrive with other apps and software. Pipedrive has an extensive integration list including, Xero, Asana and Pipechimp. The integration allows you to streamline your apps to make clearer and more efficient decisions when approaching your outreach strategies.

Building outreach strategies can take time, especially when you need to reflect on outreach activity in order to adjust your approach. Outreach can be tough but with these tools, you’ll be mastering your outreach on Pipedrive in no time at all.

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