Real-time Stories from Women That Tells How to Get A Girlfriend

Real-time Stories from Women That Tells How to Get A Girlfriend

You will find several people giving you tips on how to get a girlfriend; however no tip or trick can come to your rescue except when you go and give it a try yourself. Honestly, there is no formula or fix way to find a girlfriend for you. Only a girl can tell how to impress her or get her but obviously, you cannot ask her directly.

That’s why we are here to help you; here we have shared few real stories that will show what qualities or traits do women look for in a date and you can takeaways what you find useful:

Proposing her after just 10 days of knowing her is a big no-no. You must let her know you at least half before you take it forward. Maybe you are sure of her but she is not. Also, girls like it slow; they prefer to spend good time together, go on romantic dates, and long walks before they finally give in. so make sure you spend a lot of time together before you make it official, go on dates, for movies and make her your friend first.

  • Value her Friendship

If she wants to be your friend only, let her be. Don’t start pushing her to be in a relationship just because you find her attractive or whatever. Getting friend-zoned is never wrong; you just need to give the right amount of time to the relationship and let that friendship grow on its own. Talk to her about random things, go on a walk, and laugh together so that she can know you value your friendship.

  • Be Honest and Vocal

You need to be clear and honest about your feelings to her. Don’t be over expressive and don’t say what you don’t mean. It is always better to start a relationship with complete honesty and build trust through communication. Discuss your likes and dislikes and this will show your compatibility with the girl and you will need to force the things; everything will go with the flow.

  • Tell your Feelings

Tell her how much you like her from your actions and be expressive as well. No need to hold any feelings for her as this will make her think you aren’t serious about her. So before she moves on from you, make sure she knows what exactly you feel about her, how important she is for you, and so on. If you will be afraid of commitment, she will be afraid of you then.

  • Share the Similarities

If you share some common habits, do them together. Tell her about what you enjoy and take her along; maybe she also loves doing it with you. Try crazy things together; this way you can better know if this relationship will be great for you both or not. By enjoying time together, you can make a strong bond, and eventually, things will fall in place.

  • Be Kind and Don’t Judge

If you are going on the first date with her, make sure to be nice to her and compliment her even if she is not your type. Don’t judge her if she shows her real self to you as this will bring her close to you. All in all, don’t make her feel vulnerable in front of you or others. If you really like her, make sure you accept her with all her flaws completely. If she is honest and accepts her mistakes, forgive her for the little ones; don’t be too harsh on her if you want her.

  • Make Her Feel Special

Girls love surprises and if you really want to make her your girlfriend, you need to make her feel special. Give her small gifts or take her to nice dates, get her favorite food or drink, talk about your feelings in a nice way. By feeling special, she can be sure that you like her and she will be ready to be your girlfriend; just purpose her in the nicest way. Even if you are busy call her to say you miss her or love her so that she knows that she is on your mind throughout the day.

  • Be the Reason of Her Happiness

Keep things positive and make sure whenever you meet her, you bring a smile on her happiness. This is one of the easy ways to get a girlfriend; she will already start falling for you and you will see that liking on her face. Girls like guys who can keep them happy and try fun things together. They love the guys who make efforts for their happiness.

These were some of the tips and tricks from All Needy that can help you make a girl like you and be your girlfriend. Moreover, you can also add some tips from your real experiences; there is always a scope for improvement.

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