Airtel is the fastest internet provider in the country and the first company to give loans to customers. Airtel network company to provide credit for customers in the carrier to access the calls, internet, and Roaming. In this article, we are providing information about the Airtel network loan to obtain, payback, and eligibility loans. Airtel network gives credit to the customer to talk time loans in emergency cases.

Airtel supports various features for customers like loan eligibility, Unstructured supplementary service data to make services readily available for customers. USSD code is the quick code known as special codes available for customers to send and receive the request information. You are having the issue about Talk time balance in your account to make calls or internet usage. Every telecom service plans to attract customers with every plan is essential. Airtel carrier provider gives amazing features as data usage, call the loan.

Airtel telecom network company provides a credit loan which is refundable and two credit loans service as the emergency it is a handy feature for the prepaid GSM users. In the emergency case, you need to take the small amounts of calls, data loans when you need it.

Airtel Customer people who are running low on the Talk time, data balance and RoamingRoaming can about the loan in airtel. We are here to guide you to take help you from the carrier of airtel offers users to take the Talk Time, data loans. Here is the simple step-by-step process for how to make a loan on Airtel using both USSD or application the mentioned methods. You will move through the different techniques of how to check airtel balance and validity.

Steps to Take Loan In Airtel Application 

We are known that Airtel company launched the android and IOS applications in the play store and IOS platforms. Airtel is the most downloaded Application in mobile devices with more features in the Application. Airtel Application helps you to know the information about the data usage, Calls, Roaming, recharge phone carrier, and promo codes offered by the Airtel.

  1. Download the Airtel Application from the Play Store and App Store for Android and IOS devices. Installation takes a few seconds in the machines and waits for it.
  2. After installation of Airtel Application in the device, please open it. Enter the Phone number in the machine and click on the Send OTP. You will receive the OTP from the Airtel and accept the permission for the Application.
  3. You can use the data usage, Calls duration, SMS limit, Recharge plans, and Roaming. You can take the loan in the airtel application.
  4. You can take the loan in the Application, but you should not have to balance more than 5 Rupees in the carrier. You can take the Airtel loan in the System.
  5. You can the Three types of loans in the System. Credits are the Data, calls, Roaming for the carrier.

Steps to Take Loan In Airtel Application 


Airtel has been providing the Airtel credit balance service. You can pay the money when you do the next recharge along with the minimum interest of rupees 1 or 2. Airtel customer can take the loan when doesn’t have sufficient Talktime balance for calling the service providers to come up with new features that will serve their users. Airtel carrier still gives you the USSD code feature for the customer in the System. Airtel USSD code for the loan is provided in the steps below.

  1. In the mobile device, open the dial app for entering the number.
  2. Enter the USSD ‘*141*10#’ or’141#.’
  3. Follow the instructions in the Airtel USSD code that pop-up on the screen.
  4. Select the loan in the Airtel Talktime in the USSD Code Response from the System.
  5. Please accept the Policies from the System and enter the desired amount to complete the request.
  6. You will receive the message from the Airtel amount that is recharged to the number.
  7. You can repay the amount when you recharge the airtel number, and the amount will be debited from the number.

NOTE: Only Airtel Carrier customer is the eligibility for this loan

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